2:32 PM

Bernie should have stepped the fuck down after his heart attack and endorsed Warren. Can you imagine what would have happened???? I dont even know if it would have gotten Warren the nom, but it would have been satisfying at least to watch all of the Bernie Bros scramble for why they wouldn’t vote for her without Read more

2:31 PM

He’s an opportunist through and through. If it’s him, I’ll still vote for him to get Trump out but know he won’t get a damn thing done, just like he hasn’t done anything of note as a Senator and he and his stans will blame others for that every step of the way. Til the end of his life and beyond, we’ll never hear the Read more

9:25 PM

I hope not because I’m close to 30 and I have two pairs of jeans without holes. Up until maybe 6 months ago I had zero because I tripped over a step in the sidewalk and ripped my only hole free pair.

8:06 PM

Ripped jeans are fine. As long as you’re not wearing them to a funeral or casual Fridays I think they’re great.
 For funsies, try a pair of fishnets or colored tights under them sometimes.

7:40 PM

Well my opinion first of all is fuck the age thing! Just try to throw that out the window. But about the jeans - honestly I'd have to see them, haha. I don't tend to gravitate towards them HOWEVER there's been some pairs that I liked. I just don't think I could pull them off. 

2:14 PM

It’s all very sad. Many years ago, I read every page of the police interviews with both Kobe and his accuser. Remarkably, their stories are very, very similar, except on one point: consent.
Kobe thought she consented to what was basically “rough sex.” She said no several times to what he was doing, and at the point Read more

12:08 PM

It is so horrifying to hear the cheerleaders talking about how Monica is basically forcing them to practice and perform through injuries that could permanently disable them if they make it worse. Horrifying! 

2:10 PM

Google Rande Gerber + George Clooney, for insight into the Crawford/Gerber ‘pull’ in Hollywood. Also, the piece reads like, Davidson said on SNL he’d be spending the holidays in some sort of facility; we must get out that Kaia Gerber, so clean that she fairly squeaks from it, had nothing to do with a possible Read more

9:55 PM

My dog had a big bump on her back hind leg spring up -literally- overnight. Like enormous for her size. I was so so freaked out. She has had a lot of health issues. Read more

1:41 AM

Still sore from my workouts Momday and Wednesday. Maybe doing yoga on Sunday. I don’t think I’ll go back to that Wednesday class again, or at least not consistently. The teacher was fine, but her motivation style doesn’t quite work for me and I have other options that I can do instead. Read more

4:36 PM

I think the way this story is being floated as “they must have knew ahead of time because it was planned” is an inaccurate and irresponsible interpretation. Read more

6:19 PM

Jacques Torres, a pastry chef, is always delightful. He had a great show on the Food Network in the early 2000s, and he’d make a new chocolate sculpture eveyr week with a different theme. He was on Stephen Colbert for Valentine’s Day this year and it was hilarious.

9:18 PM

Ugh. I'm so tired of dudes voicing their fuckability opinions. How rude!