1:41 AM

Still sore from my workouts Momday and Wednesday. Maybe doing yoga on Sunday. I don’t think I’ll go back to that Wednesday class again, or at least not consistently. The teacher was fine, but her motivation style doesn’t quite work for me and I have other options that I can do instead. Read more

4:36 PM

I think the way this story is being floated as “they must have knew ahead of time because it was planned” is an inaccurate and irresponsible interpretation. Read more

6:19 PM

Jacques Torres, a pastry chef, is always delightful. He had a great show on the Food Network in the early 2000s, and he’d make a new chocolate sculpture eveyr week with a different theme. He was on Stephen Colbert for Valentine’s Day this year and it was hilarious.

9:47 PM

I want to know when in the history of trying to get laid has “you’re not disgusting, but I don’t want to fuck you” or some variation thereof ever led to the woman desperately trying to prove to the man that she is worthy of a fuck?

9:18 PM

Ugh. I'm so tired of dudes voicing their fuckability opinions. How rude!

9:16 PM

I’m having a continuing hard time coping with unemployment. I’m in a pool for temp jobs but no one is calling me. I keep looking at the calendar and laughing at all of the events that passed and remembering how I would tell family, “oh, I don’t know if I can commit to that, I’ll probably be working by then!” LOL, what Read more

12:22 PM

The problem with that defense is that they deducted the bribe from their taxes. That’s what they are in trouble for. And the whole coach’s discretion thing doesn’t extend of course to the choice to make their bribe a tax write off.

9:35 AM

I have another interview today, so I’m sipping coffee and trying to mentally prepare for it. This is a panel interview to hopefully qualify for a final interview with the hiring manager. I’m still waiting for an invite to do a final interview for another position at this same place, but they said it might be a few Read more

6:17 PM

Love SNS? Ever wish it was available 24/7? A long long time ago, jezebel (and all the gawker blogs) had an openthread that was always available for just general chatting. This was back in the days when the comments were actually moderated. It was just a scrolling page of comments, nothing fancy. Jezebel’s was called Gr

9:51 PM

well, her behavior went way beyond that. he actively tried to stop - he got out of the car! - and she talked him into going back into the car to die. so it’s not a “failure to help” it’s that she actively encouraged him - over an extended length of time - even when he wanted to call it off.

3:19 PM

I did that a few times with my ex, before I got with my second husband and was boning everyone else anyway. I doubt he remembers. Read more

1:28 PM

If it makes you feel any better, I kept doing this with my ex a few years ago (and I have moved past him and am happily married to someone else now, if it helps!). It’s hard to end a relationship when your feelings for each other aren’t the mitigating factor! As long as you’re up front with him about what you’re Read more

1:11 PM

Rule of Thumb: when a man tells you he loves you while you are both naked, take it with a grain of salt.

11:52 PM

Thanks...I just feel bad about maybe messing with his feelings (even though it was very much his idea). And well we definitely broke up for reasons, just the reasons were not that we don’t love each other which makes it harder