Love the Star Wars Lego games!  Read more

The Lego Star Wars games are always a lot of fun. Lego is one of the few companies that still make 2-player games so we can play with our sons and daughters together at home. This will be so much fun, and much needed! Read more

Totally agree with this take. A Poe story giving us more of a background into his life as a pilot, or the activism of his parents on Yavin, or Finn’s life as a stormtrooper would have been very cool before THJ. Rose and her sister Paige would have been an interesting story too — how did they get involved with the Read more

I agree with dragonfliet. I don’t think 1 movie a year is oversaturation. The Star Wars universe is huge, and Rian Johnson already said his trilogy is not related to anything we’ve seen so far. If we got a bounty hunters movie (not just Fett, but Jas Emari, IG-88, Aura Sing), and an Obi Wan movie that would be great, Read more