Thursday 1:43PM

When I tell you I am deeply conflicted, I’m talking “Alabama hot cousin at the family reunion” levels of conflicted here. I know I’m not supposed to have these urges, but with that face and that body... I know it’s wrong, but it feels right.

Wednesday 10:33AM

Because of the horrendously terrible exterior design.

Wednesday 10:10AM

In all seriousness, though, you might have been in the clear if you had shot the guy...once. But shooting him after he’s been disabled and is no longer a threat? That’s probably inviting some attention from the cops. Tying him to your bumper and dragging him to a field to die? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Wednesday 10:07AM

Wow is that depressing on every level.

The whole catalytic converter stealing thing is irritating and would be frustrating and it would be nice if the police could figure out a way to curb this by making changes to how people get paid when selling these things.

However, this guy was sleeping in his truck (why? Read more

Wednesday 10:05AM

Maybe I had to many mushrooms in my omelette, but I am baffled by the interior pic that shows the liftgate in the back. What the hell is happening out the rear window, and why doesn’t it match the other windows?

6/14/21 1:19PM

Keep the populace poor, hungry, and sick. That’s the Republican way!

6/14/21 1:13PM

For those who can’t hear the dog whistle, this is Ronnie Raygun’s “Welfare Queen” mythos coming back from the shit-heap of history. Read more

6/14/21 1:11PM

Yep. This is an old classic, along with: “How come the homeless have cell phones!”, “The poor shouldn’t have TVs and Refrigerators!” and “How dare people ask for public assistance while spending money on internet access!”.

6/14/21 12:50PM

I hate this ridiculous misconception that low income people on benefits can’t have anything even somewhat nice. There’s always someone claiming they don’t deserve it. People say it about smartphones, even though there’s loads of affordable payment plans and it’s hard to live life today without one. They say things Read more

6/14/21 12:48PM

Roughly half this country has a complete lack of empathy. I’m both angry and sad.

6/14/21 12:44PM

Republicans at all levels are just plain out of ideas. “Poor people are the enemy” is one of their classics, which they dust off from time to time whenever “brown people are the enemy” sounds too racist. This has nothing to do with saving $$ for the good taxpayers of Ohio.

6/14/21 12:41PM

FFS, how do they expect them to get to jobs that MIGHT (if they work enough of them) enable them to get off assistance? I hate these people. We need an Arya Stark list in this damn country.