Dec 3 2018

More it needs other normal Formosan/Taiwanese characters not tied with the magic stuff to not generalize an entire ethnicity. 

Nov 29 2018

You are an excellent writer and this is very well argued.  I look forward to reading more from you!

Nov 15 2018

Oh man, look at the triggered white dudes responding to your understated jab. 

Nov 14 2018

Maybe try not being a douche? As a man myself, I certainly don’t feel the least bit threatened, or like I am the enemy.

Of course, I also don’t need to put “man” in my handle, so it seems you have some stuff to work out. Good luck.

Nov 14 2018

No one else gets a break from the damage caused by male privilege so why should you get a break from us pointing out who is responsible for that damage?

Jan 16 2015

You think it's a disservice for us to report on companies that don't pay their staff and tell the real stories behind game development and history? Well, that's your prerogative, but too bad.

Jan 3 2015

Normally I love the stories you guys come up with, but this comic just rubs me the wrong way. As much as I can get the joke, it does feel a bit like making a PTSD joke—and my friends who actually have PTSD don't generally appreciate that kind of joke with the same kind of humorous attitude as others. Read more

Sep 29 2014

It's also a shame how much of that kind of thinking still exists. Look at how Andy Serkis keeps being overlooked by people for doing mocap acting!