Nope just a regular 1 ton pickup- deer are no problem, moose have their weight up high on those spindly legs and will go though your windshield like nothing

I live by a university in Alberta- there was a BC learner plated Aventador and Ursus parked at the end of my street last year until classes went virtual

Entitled crotchfruit at the Oakland airport crying on her cellphone ‘They knew I wanted an X5 and I got a crappy X3 instead “ the urge to report her to TSA for something was strong

I always love hiring moving companies - my fiance and her sister hired a mover, they went to a large company as they wanted a reputable mover, the contract was signed with them and upon moving day another company showed up- a piano mover in fact, the packed up everything and my fiance’s sister was uncomfortable as Read more

I would suggest being careful when hiring an ‘escort’ to help you with this transaction

Personal choice is drinking at home alone, juggling wolverines in a movie theatre is a personal choice but can endanger those around you

I attended a workshop on hauling livestock- they told us to swerve at moose and above and drive through everything else, that is fine until a herd of deer run in front of you and every instinct in your body is swerve

it impresses the people at the bus stop, but that is usually ‘I drive a Maserati, but it’s in the shop’

I second the picardin stuff- mosquitos love me and that stuff works isn’t greasy or stinky and doesn’t dissolve your petrochemical based precious items

It also made the steering wheel on the riding mower all soft in places

Isocyanide never killed anybody, oh wait yes it did

Describing the 6987 different possible combinations of lights he could make with all the variations

I am the third child, the previous had piles of photos starting in the hospital, my fist photo is my dad’s 190sl - I was on the passenger seat coming home from the hospital- cant’ even see me but it’s in my baby book

While canoeing my deet bug juice spilled on my Swiss Army knife, I had a red plastic streak down my pants and leg from it and the knife was sticky for years- at least it became non-slip

I grew up and learned metric in school but just as they introduced it- I still measure things in inches and feet and pounds- I count car distances in km but mileage in mpg(and that is the Imperial Gallon 4.54l no wimpy 3.8l for me) it is confusing to put it mildly some days

Look at the British car industry through the 70s everthing was shared even Lotus didn’t make a lot of their bits

Nice enough that it is gone- always liked these but the GM parentage scares me away

It partially exists, change some parts of modern cars and you need the software package from the manufacturer to allow it to work- that requires hardware and a subscription- this is forcing some smaller places out of business or limiting it- they don’t want to pay 15000$ per year to BMW if they only repair 50 of them Read more