Jun 28

Rule #1: Never post a video when an article will suffice. Most people don’t have the time (or an appropriate setting) to watch a video, but all of us have 60 seconds to read a condensed list of tips. Read more

Jun 19

Nothing to do with cars but your attitude is commendable. Sometimes a swift kick to the groin is just what it takes to figure your priorities out. Good luck and go for it!

May 19

This game surprised the heck out of me. I remember when I watched the initial gameplay videos I was unimpressed, but the gameplay and story ended up sucking me in. I do feel like there was some significant missed gameplay opportunities (I feel strongly that lightsaber customization was nearly pointless as it stands Read more

May 12

I hate the piano black interior trim on my car and I'm not sure why Mercedes would use it since it isn't a premium material. The fingerprints are annoying but the biggest problem is sun reflecting into my eyes off the trim. I would guess potential s class buyers would feel the same way. 

May 11

Wow, I’ve seen some REALLY stupid comments today but you might win the award for the dumbest. Congratulations.

Apr 10

Correct, but that’s due to social distancing, not because we’re beating the virus. The moment we relax lockdown measures we’re back to square one. The reality is that if we see F1 by October, it’ll need to be behind closed doors and the practicality of that is questionable given how many personnel are involved in the Read more

Apr 6

I’m betting on some sort of insurance fraud. Car rentals have tanked with the virus and these companies aren’t getting any kind of bailout. I know some car companies are self-insured, so I’m curious if the ones lost in the blaze fall under that umbrella or not.

Apr 6

I feel like you can do better, but this car is still just an automatic NP for me at anything under 30k. Irrational, but true.

Mar 27

I disagree. The rendering looks like a mustang rear end hastily photoshopped onto a c8 with the windscreen pushed back. The C7 looks much better than that render.  That said, I adore the C8 body. 

Mar 26

That is, for those wonder, one fucking percent of the entire US population filing an unemployment claim. The GOP is living is a goddamn fantasy world on getting things “back to normal.” 

Mar 26

Oh, yeah, this is just the first week, and some states are slower to implement lockdowns than others. “Brutal” doesn’t begin to capture how awful this is going to be.

Mar 26

Considering some 27million people work in the service industry who are not allowed to work, this will only go higher. Plus the small business owners who are still expected to pay taxes, rent, and loans (among others), there likely won’t be any work to come back to if we get though this. Yay!

Mar 26

Neutral. I will not be buying a new car in the next few years. I just don’t need one, frankly. Not a new daily driver in any case; I might pick up an oddball classic to have fun with or wrench on, but that is not going to help the dealers. And I don’t care; the dealers have trashed their own business model, and the Read more