8:13 AM

I really liked these cars. They looked amazing. I realize I’m not chic enough to own one. I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy. My whole outfit cost ~$50 (including the shoes.) This Fisker belongs in the hands of a stylish owner, someone who’d spend $50 on a t-shirt. A fool with money. That’s the buyer for this car.

12:43 PM

can we just “cancel” Dr. Oz?  Yes, he is legitimately a medical professional (as you say, cardiothoracic surgeon) yet he does nothing but abuse his title promoting nonsense based on stuff that is way out of his area of expertise. 

8:08 AM

The Ford Flex gets way too much love on this site. It looks like shit, and it’s not a good car by any metric. Its only redeeming quality is being a ‘wagon’ in a market undersaturated with wagons, but nobody’s going to pay $13k for this example of the species.

3:48 PM

I think there is probably plenty of room for everyone in this story to be the asshole. That being said... Read more

10:22 AM

I don’t own a crossover, but it’s ride height, AWD, ease of entry, and cargo space, the same as it always has been. Read more

1:33 PM

The poor don’t pay much in taxes because they have very little income. A few tax credits don’t help much when you earn next to nothing. The top 10% pays closer to 70% of income taxes based on what I’ve seen, but they also control 85+% of the wealth in the US.

7:46 AM

Indeed, not to say I disliked every element in Skywalker rising, but I cannot stand JJ Abraham’s throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Nothing of the new trilogy seems memorable as a result, and the flawed hurried build up does not help, even emperor Palpatine underperformed. I hope the Mandalorian will be Read more

3:34 PM

i used to think NO WAY WOULD I BUY A RENTAL THEY GET TREATED LIKE SHIT. but i thought that when i was an asshole in my 20's that would have treated a rental like shit. it’s one of the reasons you can’t rent a car until you’re 25. i’ve been renting cars for work once every week or two for 15 years now and i can say Read more

11:57 AM

Obviously, you’re free to interpret the movie however you’d like... but from my perspective:

Snoke didn’t “randomly” die. His death was a turning point in Kylo Ren. It was his moment to either attempt to redeem himself or fully embrace renouncing his heritage. He chose the latter, by killing Snoke and taking over.

Luke Read more

4:10 PM

There is a significant group of people out there who will not be happy unless the opening crawl literally starts with “after taking a giant shit on the master copy of The Last Jedi and then setting it on fire, the entire Resistance focuses its efforts on genetic testing of Rey’s lineage. Meanwhile, Snoke is about to Read more

2:03 PM

I am tired of pop culture backlash to be honest. While I fully believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and their right to express it whichever it may be. I feel the current climate also includes a lot of hating for the sake of hating, and causing harm for no reason other than a wish to be the troll of the day. Read more

1:06 PM

Amador told WFAA she doubts this is what happened since she uses a unique 21-character password for her Ring account.”

12:52 PM

She used a unique and quite strong password. Ring has shit security if it allows multiple logins with no account lock after so many failed attempts. That is security 101 when it comes to any tech.

12:20 PM

“she uses a unique 21-character password for her Ring account. She said was also surprised to discover that Ring, which is owned by Amazon, doesn’t lock someone out of an account after they make several wrong password attempts.” Read more

2:55 PM

I say that it’s either Empire Strikes Back or Rogue One, but in my heart of hearts I think that Rogue One is my favorite star wars movie. That being said, I would be really interested in seeing how the original movie looked before the reshoots.