3 on the Tree

Or fiddle-fucking around with his phone and not watching the road. Read more

Perfect visibility, straight line, already almost out of its lane and no attempt at avoidance?  This driver needs a drug test, BAC test and logbook check...  Either high, drunk or asleep!
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They are Republicans.... or whatever hate-filled, racist, fearmongering, liars the party has transformed into the last 6 years. Read more

This very morning, cycling along minding my own business in the bike lane. Stop at a red light. Guy pulls up at the light and shouts “fag”. Nobody else in the car to “impress” - just a weird hatred of people getting some exercise.
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Remember when robots replaced all of these fast food workers? Yeah, I don’t either. Read more

That’s a big hope, but there will be more truck drivers in 10 years, not less. The world will get increasingly globalized, and shit still needs to be moved from place to place. Maybe self driving trucks will do some of the driving, but it’s a fairy tale to think it’s going to be a revolution in the next decade.  Read more

Ford Contours last for-fucking-ever. They seriously seem more durable than Crown Vics or most of the trucks on that list. My wife had one in high school/college, and it was a hand-me-down to two siblings, then gifted to a sibling’s friend, then their girlfriend. Read more

That’s becasue you haven’t. Seen a peaceful protest, that is. Read more

ah, the glorious lawlessness of it all. Got it. The inclusivity of a bunch of RW dickwads.. so inclusive! Read more

Spare us, dude. Bleeding hearts for the suffering mega-yacht industry? Read more

This is the society you get when you treat firearm ownership as an inalienable right, rather than a privilege with responsibilities. Read more

So Jimmy Carter is a prime mover in the eradication of this disease.
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The lengths and expense we will go to simulate riding a bike outside instead of actually riding a bike outside... Read more

I don’t think passengers of cars using electronic devices is any kind of new thing. Just in this case the electronic device is more centrally located. Read more

Why the fuck would you engage in a high speed pursuit on a vehicle with a lo jack?
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Hypocrisy — it’s the (Conservative) American Way! Read more

People who are in unions making farm equipment; Lazy socialist union workers! Read more

I think there’s a pretty clear difference between “AOC spends too much money on clothes, typical broad.” and “Why did Sinema show up for this vote dressed as Flavor Flav?” Read more

The most dangerous place for a black person to exist is within the imagination of white folks - D.L. Hughley  Read more

Your house? Yeah, that too. Read more