If it’s in a public place and easy to access I’m always going to assume it’s free to use by anyone unless explicitly stated otherwise. It’s not like my 1430 mAh battery is going to ruin someone’s electricity bill anyway
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Sorry, you can overcharge me 500% for the electricity I stole. Here’s a nickel. Read more

I’m more curious about “abstracting” electricity. Read more

It looks less scary from the side - no worse than driving down a hill.

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Nope. Nope. Nope.

I mean, even if you were it's still not a Retina MacBook Air tho. Read more

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not everyone is a high value target, so not everyone is going to be targeted. Also, not everyone's social data (dob, pet names, friends, mothers, etc) are readily available on the web meaning it would be harder for a hacker to social engineer your passwords. For average people, strong passwords are a very good

Microsoft needs to only work on Tocks (98, XP, 7). Nobody wants their piece of crap Ticks. (8, Vista, ME)

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This isn't fake, it totally looks real to me