Nov 6 2016

Understood, but I suspect it was an older man who’s fatherly instincts kicked in when he saw the woman chained up in a cage and just said what was in his mind. Not saying it’s right OR wrong, just saying, I can sort of understand his point as well as your annoyance.

Nov 6 2016

yeah, I zoned in on that as soon as I read it. Unusual word choice.

Nov 5 2016

What blows my mind are the complaints from customers. I’ve had conversations with several different people who complain about unsmiling service employees and I’m just like “why do you even care??” And they act like I’m the unreasonable one.

Oct 31 2016

Never miss an opportunity to post pics of Alica Marie, fitness model, gamer geek and cosplayer who actually looks like a freaking comic drawing:

Oct 30 2016

You’re “Latin American.” You’re not chicana. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Oct 27 2016

Agreed. A billion people in need out there and they’re looking for donations for thrill-seeking? :(

Sep 30 2016

What the everloving fuck. Why did your store continue serving them?? You should have called the cops the minute they walked in and tried to order their fraps.

Sep 30 2016

As a mother who had needed to use the toilet with a baby who has nowhere else to sit, it is totally possible to hold a baby, text, and go to the bathroom at the same time.

Sep 30 2016

Although that wasn’t a public restroom. But my mind immediately went to that story, which was years ago but made an IMPACT.

Sep 30 2016

I summon the Jezzie who is the reason I will never eat pumpkin seeds again.

Sep 23 2016

there actually is more to this, and its actually way worse, though really, mostly for me, and its related to the timeline. Read more