Andraste's Flaming Knickers
9:14 PM

Yeah, he is like my next-to-last-choice, but I’m not going to pretend that there hasn’t been some off the wall speculation about his background and sex life that would never fly for a straight candidate. And being gay, his campaign was already set up for criticism from religious types anyway, and a pole in the Read more

5:38 PM

Obviously that kind of judgement and true Scotsman metrics is bullshit and anyone would want to avoid being ranked on the gay scale, but part of me thinks it’s a shame he’s so white bread and non-confrontational about his sexual orientation. From a campaign standpoint, his gayness is the least remarkable part of him. Read more

4:35 PM

To be fair to Buttigieg (the first and last time I will ever utter that phrase), the reason he said he couldn’t read LGBTQ media anymore was because of criticisms about whether he was gay enough or too gay or whatever. Seems like relevant context. 

4:13 PM

The last Midwest snowstorm didn’t knock over my mother’s Mayor Pete sign. Instead the snow weighed down the already sagging plastic material so much that the middle sank straight down, and now all it says is 20P E20. Read more

4:11 PM

He’s playing to a fickle audience, that being American voters who claim they have no bias towards gays, but grimace when they see “two guys kiss on the lips”.  

4:07 PM

I wish Buttigeig would drop out. He’s clearly a manchurian candidate in the pockets of the 3rd way Democrat elite. His distancing from LGBTQ culture and issues gives me the impression that he’s ashamed of who he is and is trying to “sanitize” it to make himself more appealing to clueless midwesterners.

2:11 PM

*CADET* Bonespurs.  He went to a bullshit Military *school*, for discipline problems. He has never served anyone in any capacity except himself.

4:49 PM

Yeah, limitations. So many of these surveys boil down to measuring the number of economically advantaged in any given geography. Not that it ever frames the findings, that usually carry the subtext of bestowing standings of virtue or vice—looking at you CityLab. So states with poorer populations and more humidity have Read more

2:10 PM

In the most perfect example of irony I know, Farenheit 451 is indeed on a number of banned books lists every year.

1:26 PM

The excerpt from this book that was published in The Washington Post this morning is enough to make you want to beat the ever loving shit out of anyone, male or female, that you see or hear defending this crass, stupid, proudly ignorant buffoon. The fact that the man selected by white folks to lead this country is so Read more

1:12 PM

Never attribute to malice what can just as easily be attributed to incompetence or stupidity. In Trump’s case, he’s all three...evil, incompetent, and stupid. Failing upward — it’s the rich American white man’s way.

11:31 AM

Are they going to set an age at which you may freely choose to read a thing? Read more