Apr 8

Great. Now what about the Ring Fit Adventure shortage?

Feb 14

I don’t see myself needing an extra footlong or wanting to use an app to order from them. Half of the point of Subway is that you can see the sandwich made in front of you so you can make sure nobody puts any goddamn mayo on it and that there aren’t just 2 slivers of onion on the whole thing.

Dec 16 2018

if you’re naive enough to think she wasn’t in on this then you’re beyond help 

Dec 12 2018

Unless Disney is able to buy the rights to the seasons that have already aired on Netflix, there is less than zero chance that they’ll ever cast the same actors or continue the Netflix shows on their platform.

Nov 30 2018

I think I have it in my head that once I’ve frozen it, it’s gross. Like the texture will be bad. Read more

Nov 27 2018

As far as the McGriddle goes, the sausage-only option is the way to go, as syrup+pork=kind of good, while syrup+eggs=fucking gross.

Nov 19 2018

I wish I hadn’t learned they were a couple...

Nov 14 2018

If you’re patient and plan ahead, fool proof steak is ridiculously trivial with a sous vide. Just set temperature for as rare as you like. Then, sear it in “a rippin’ hot pan, bro!” for 15 - 30 seconds per side.
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Nov 2 2018

I don’t really know who comprises the market for this game. Read more

Oct 25 2018

May I present just one more reason?

Oct 25 2018

A reminder that there are only 2 reasons why I would be in North Carolina:

Oct 22 2018

Anyone ordering from Chipotle is automatically in costume as the "before" of a diarrhea medicine ad.

Oct 18 2018

If you hate him so much, why do you keep writing articles about him? Why keep giving him a voice? Why not post about actual cool people doing cool things?

Oct 25 2016

I just threw up in my mouth a little.