Grain Silo Croissant
11/07/18 3:15PM

We will be fine. Its better than having perpetual shame that your ancestors were slaves. But muh oppression! Black people....

11/02/18 12:54PM

So we definitely agree on a lot, particularly the point about freedom = safety. That is dumb AF, and in its current iteration, has been a festering problem (as you correctly put it) since at least 9/11 in this iteration. Read more

10/31/18 4:37AM

There are two reasons not to file: there’s not enough evidence, and it’s too late to use any of it anyway.

10/30/18 10:36PM

As a lawyer, I’ve gotta say that “insufficient evidence to support a filing in addition to the allegations being outside the statute of limitations” is a pretty sound basis for that reasoning.

10/23/18 7:34PM

Pressing the clutch pedal in with your left foot, while simultaneously moving a gear lever with your right/left hand is the only description of a manual transmission that I will accept. Read more

10/23/18 2:13PM

Yeah, looking around it seems I muddled the facts that we don’t have any (relatively) young portraits, that he made a plaster of his face so artists could work from that rather than making him go to them and sit still, portraitists applying their own stylistic quirks to their subjects, and that the most famous Read more

10/23/18 1:13PM

Woman gets called out. Can’t defend her position. Play gender card! You’d do well over at the Root.

10/23/18 12:19PM

I’m sorry, but the list of political dynamics and issues where Obama needs an explainer from Libby Watson is exceedingly short.

10/16/18 12:33PM

It’s a tragedy that Lincoln got killed before he could enact his plan to ship the Africans-in-America back to Africa.

10/15/18 3:17PM

I see no reason why desecrating old graves is something we want to do. There are a zillion ways to protest that work. If these cemeteries need guards, we need better hobbies. Read more