Silent Bob
Oct 21 2019

Why not just say what people are thinking David? Seems like GM already has Jalopnik on their shitlist so you won’t get a demo car anyways. Motor Trend almost comes out and says it and they did get the car. I’ll go ahead and say it: Read more

Sep 3 2019

They’re not for nerds. They’re for rich people. Rich nerds are trying to buy mint versions of their parents’ 87 Honda Accord. Read more

Sep 3 2019

The nerdiest M fans want a manual.

Sep 2 2019

Solo Corollary: a fancy paint job doesn’t mean anything when your getting boarded.

Sep 1 2019

Because they’re normal dudes that do paying work during the day, and wrench on their YouTube projects deep into the night. Two years is pretty fast for a complete resto when you literally do everything yourself and have to source some pretty hard-to-find parts for a car that isn’t old enough to have a solid Read more

Sep 1 2019

Wait. I thought the point of a missile was something you can put test-and-train miles on and not get terminally sad when you stick it into a ditch or barrier.
That’s... that’s a nice-lookin’ car. By the end.

Aug 31 2019

I have one of these too, the new government mandated ones are absolute trash.

Aug 31 2019

I transport fuel in unapproved containers all the time. No one has ever stopped me.

Aug 30 2019

I must be missing something, but these sound like Automotive PETA equivalents, not badasses.

Aug 30 2019

Frankenbuilds are fun for the builder and a nightmare for anyone who ends up with it after that.  I should know - I have one in my garage that I didn’t build.

Aug 26 2019

You don’t make $30/hr. That is only if you are constantly booked, if you do 6-10 min. trips over three hours you will make $30 in a hour of work time, but it will have taken you 3 hours to work an hour. Their $30/hr booked rate is a useless stat unless you can work non-stop, which is impossible since you are never Read more

Jul 24 2019

Tis true. Leather was for the Chauffeur as he was sitting outside and needed a more resilient material. Comfy cloth was for those paying in back. Read more

May 30 2019

Its neither here nor there. Making the Crown FWD would not improve it in the slightest. It wouldn’t be any worse, but it wont gain anything of note either.