12/03/18 10:25AM

I was busy this weekend and didn’t catch any of the weekend talking heads. Did any of them bring of the Bush data points mentioned here up?

12/03/18 8:42AM

I didn’t think I could love Mrs. Obama any more than I already do but her mini code switch faux pas made me love her even more. It was a honest moment and an honest truth. 

11/29/18 12:59PM

I only had one; he was my Spanish teacher and my homeroom teacher in high school. Since I was the only black person in my graduating class, it seemed like ensuring that I wasn’t going to be that nigga was his personal mission. Read more

11/28/18 12:51PM

Is it me or does it seem like folks are trying to snuff out the movement??? Similar to how many of the Civil Rights leaders were made non threats???

11/28/18 8:08AM

Charles Schultz didn’t have control over the animation but he made sure that Franklin was a part of the comic strip. Schultz was petty, everything folks didn’t want Franklin to do he did the opposite: Read more

11/27/18 2:58PM

Mia can’t go at Dolt 45 like Mitt can and even he kissed the pinkie ring when he thought he was going to get an appointment. It will be interesting to see the dynamic now that Mitt is back in Washington. Read more

11/27/18 2:13PM

Mia was a unicorn: a black, non basketball player, in Utah that’s also a morman and a republican. You can only rock the boat so much under those circumstances.

11/21/18 11:30AM

Jimmy wasn’t in blackface my friend.  The outfit and how we styled his hair was as close as he could possibly get but he did not darken his skin....similar to how Al Roker dressed as Doc from Back To The Future but he did not whiten his skin. THAT’S how you’re supposed to do it. 

11/20/18 12:02PM

Here I Stand was a spotty album. When compared to Don’t Be Cruel or Confessions, you NEVER skipped a song. The songs had a flow to them; at least with Don’t Be Cruel, it was for cassette purposes since one side of the tape was normally uptempo and the other side was the slow joints. Read more

11/20/18 11:56AM

Usher is the Carmello Anthony of music; if you stop after Confessions / Carmello playing with the Nuggets they both are hall of fame material. Every album / game since has the ability to do damage to a stellar career.

11/20/18 11:52AM

Even the music he made post Halle is very solid. Doing Hallie dirty definitely hurt his music sales.

11/20/18 10:21AM

Everything after Confessions, especially that white club stuff, is hot garbage. 

11/15/18 9:35AM

If she’s been a loyal customer where she’s obtained Norm status, why didn’t one of the employees step up to say boss she’s a regular???  That would have put a lid on the whole situation. Companies thrive on repeat business and you NEVER crap on your repeat customers.

11/14/18 1:36PM

I’ve been hoping and praying they do something with John Stewart.  The Justice League cartoon show was a nice start and he has a sweet backstory.