Bart Crowe
5/22/21 8:18PM

It really was a perfect storm. The pandemic hit, which made it difficult to produce enough cards to meet demand. Some people had enough stimulus money and free time to get back into their old hobbies, while some people found themselves out of work and were looking for a new way to make some extra cash. Read more

5/18/21 9:31PM

Seeing a trend with this lately, and it sucks. The Bowser’s Fury ability to trigger him whenever you wanted with a Bowser amiibo was also some bullshit.

5/17/21 10:35AM

As a sidenote, it’s kinda funny how the notion that someone had Epstein killed is fairly bipartisan, with the only disagreement being on who ordered it.

5/14/21 6:50AM

“None” is the correct answer. Good job, Japan.

5/10/21 4:00PM

That movie is balls out fun. Made for nothing practically, and packs a real punch. It needs a much wider release.

5/04/21 2:32AM

I’m not sure if you are alluding to him writing Simpsons episodes, or that he belongs in a toxic waste barrel.

5/04/21 12:12AM

Hopefully Paul Rudd pops in for one last Mac and Me clip

5/03/21 11:49AM

I think it’s bullshit that May the 4 has become a day to celebrate all things Star Wars, when it should be the day to celebrate all things Audrey Hepburn. Read more

4/30/21 6:09PM

Just checking in to mention I created this account name years ago specifically to comment on how Mike Huckabee praised Duggar as a ‘good Christian’ after he was outed as a serial pedophile. Huckabee specifically didn’t try to deny that Duggar did it, and he seemed genuinely confused to find out that some people Read more

4/14/21 8:47AM

My editor thought of the very good joke “despawn the police” once it was too late for me to add it, so please enjoy it as a reward for looking at the comments.

4/13/21 7:08PM

I bailed at the same time and also feel like I watched at least one too many seasons. I have enjoyed dropping on the reviews, if only because they justified my decision.

4/13/21 9:21AM

Your review reminded me of the other time a Giz writer absolutely hated a smart watch: Read more

4/12/21 9:58PM

That’s exactly when I lost interest as well. Twice, Debbie engaged in nonconsensual behavior — the first time was when she lost her virginity to a guy who was passed out. She basically raped a guy and it wasn’t a big deal.  Then she tricked her boyfriend into having unprotected sex so she could get pregnant. Read more