Yesterday 9:39AM

This is surprisingly late for a Forza Horizon title, typically they all release every other year in September. If this followed that schedule, it would have been out in September 2020.

5/21/21 9:42AM

Ford’s CEO mentioned the F-150's economies of scale on a podcast. Granted, that 40k price is for the stripped out fleet model, but if you have the bestselling vehicle in the country sharing 70% of its parts it makes it a lot easier to offset the 100+ kwh battery.

5/17/21 10:54AM

Not much other than using the press and hospitals as human shields. I don’t understand the argument you’re trying to make here- is Israel just supposed to ignore being bombarded by rockets from their neighbors just because the rockets are ineffective? There’s a video of life in Tel Aviv under the Iron Dome I tried to Read more

5/14/21 2:35PM

Arrival might actually have a real chance because of their focus on the delivery and transportation markets, but that’s about it.

5/03/21 9:37AM

They’ve committed to having full Unreal Engine editing for the creative mode, so it’s a matter of time.

4/30/21 3:28PM

Godzilla 2014 is the only Monsterverse film I haven’t seen yet. I’ll have to check it out.

4/30/21 9:44AM

It was dogshit and terribly written, but the fights were good enough, which is all I expect out of an American Godzilla movie.

4/30/21 9:38AM

I can easily see a use case for these. In a household with several people, things are never put in the same place, and this also seems like a godsend for when your bag disappears into the airport.

4/29/21 9:41AM

It’s the opposite actually- I can’t eschew meat, because the main plant-based sources of iron are high in oxalates. On one hand I feel bad for the planet, but given the choice between anemia, kidney stones, or increased carbon emissions, I’d pick the latter.

4/28/21 9:58AM

Seeing my family’s history of anemia and oxolate-based kidney stones, I don’t particularly have a choice.

4/26/21 5:32PM

I actually have a broadcast antenna I got from Amazon after cord cutting, but it doesn’t get ABC. I don’t get why it’s impossible to stream, Disney has livefeeds built into both ESPN+ and Hulu. 

4/20/21 5:32PM

Everything about Gelato is superior- the taste, the mouthfeel, the portion sizes. Gelato is the perfect dessert. 

4/15/21 11:43AM

What if she just personally enjoys the game? You might have disagreements with it, but if she finds the game fun (along with hundreds of millions of other people), who cares?

4/14/21 10:50AM

I’m just waiting for the same sex mod. Knowing this game’s community, it will take less than a week.

4/12/21 12:20PM

Brightline and Texas Central are actually testing this model with fully private bullet train projects. Brightline is struggling to get funding off the ground, while Texas is caught in the quagmire of dealing with Texas landowners.