Nov 24

It’s all about the flavors. If you don’t flavor the actual cookie bits they just taste like disappointment. Which, yeah, a lot of fancy places make really bland, disappointing macarons.

I’ve be lucky enough to try some from places that do interesting flavors, though, which are amazing.

Oct 31

Fun story: his wife, who was his fiancé back then and who is now currently a writer in Hollywood, drove the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile when the company relaunched the program back in 1988. I know because I was her partner, and have some very fond memories of the two of us traveling the Midwest together, bringing smiles Read more

Oct 27

Per Kosher dietary rules if you are served a meat dish you cannot serve/eat anything that contains dairy (the butter in the crust of the dessert) at that same meal.

Sep 30

wish to merely sweep their penchant for racist humor under the rug rather than examine why they found that particular well of comedy so enticing in the first place” - I can see this comment applying to Aqua Teen, sure, but The Boondocks? Making racism look stupid and celebrating Black culture was, y’know, the entire Read more

Jul 28

I was actually hoping they’d be bringing in a cameo for Xi’an Coy Manh, actually. Oh well. The bad decisions they’ve made will come back to haunt them in the end. ... is there a word for that? Escapes me right now...

Jun 26

Yeah, the Dark Elf trilogy retcons a lot of stuff about Drizzt, down to his personality. As Rob mentions, Drizzt starts off being a treasure hound, and comes off as kind of goofy and practically Chaotic Neutral.
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May 15

I still love Prince of Thieves to this day. Yeah, his accent is goofy but it’s just a damn fun movie and I can ignore that part pretty easily.

May 15

Good list, but I would have replaced Robin Hood with Robin Hood: Men in Tights. That way you get Carey Elwes and a fuckton of other great comedic actors who still fight against the man.

May 8

Iroh IS a dad, just not Zuko’s biological. Obviously he was also a wonderful caring father to his late son as well.

May 8

Rusty Venture is not a good dad by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that he is trying to be a better dad than his own father, Jonas Venture Sr.  Just adding this because the Venture Bros. always needs more love and attention.

Apr 24

Yeah, I think it was FF 8 or 9 that they couldn’t remaster for a long time because they straight up lost the original assets.

Mar 26

If you do, it basically rinses clean. Same as making caramel or other candy which looks like an awful mess until you realize it’s just sugar and dissolves really well in water. Read more