Aug 8 2018

It’s so poetic, that a platform like Gizmodo, which spreads a certain political propaganda and disguises opinion articles as journalism, tries to smear another platform, one that is not directed by a political agenda. Matt Novak certainly sounds like speaking on behalf of someone else.
Like someone’s little bitch.

Aug 1 2018

“Help, Dr. Nerdlove, my boyfriend exists as his own person and isn't exactly like me in all respects.  How can I fix him?"

Aug 1 2018

I’m as atheist as one could get, but I’ve dated women who have gone to church. I’ve even accompanied. Belief was never a deal-breaker, as long as they didn’t try to minister to me, and they respected that I was not a believer.

Jul 23 2018

If you bastardize eggs with cheese, you deserve shit like that to happen. If you want cheesy eggs, put cheese on eggs, not in them.

Jul 19 2018

Why the fuck would you eat toast if you’re not putting butter on it? (Unless you’re putting peanut butter on it instead.) Why would you keep margarine in your house? Put that shit where it belongs: in the toilet.

Jul 18 2018

I get calls constantly about how I need to act fast to renew my car warranty before it expires. I drive a 1989 Volvo. It’s warranty likely expired before the caller was born.

Jul 16 2018

Community discussion time y’all: this guy says he fingered his ex, but “stopped before anything actually happened”. Does fingering count as “something actually happening”? Read more

Jul 16 2018

Republicans, as you might recall, are the people who have built baby cages and instituted a policy of “zero tolerance” for asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border.” Read more

Jul 16 2018

This is literally tew much. Sometimes, there’s so much beauty in the world - I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart is just going to cave in.

Jul 13 2018

You got video of a violent assault where the perpetrator attacks a random stranger in the street in broad daylight and wasn’t charged? If not, no one needs your whataboutism

Jul 5 2018

People with an irrational aversion to sandals are the last socially acceptable form of bigotry. I don’t get it, they’re feet. Just look at the remaining 95% of my body. I’m one of those who wears flip-flops for everyday use, and I gradually test them out in other situations. Shoes are for court and weddings (at least Read more