shitstain motherfucker

Just curious, as many of the authors here have written articles explaining how morally reprehensible they find this film, why so much additional coverage? Read more

Agreed. It seems obvious he will resent the decision to let her sleep around, and she will not stop wanting to explore that side of her. Guaranteed they are broken up 6 mos. from now. You can’t talk yourself out of feeling the emotions that come naturally to you. You can’t build trust when you’re constantly Read more

It’s a speculation. It was my intention to have a civil conversation about the trend moving forward. People chose to insult my intelligence for daring to go against fan-boy mentality. Please! Invest! I’m happy to pick it up on Steam 6 mos. after it releases for 50% off just like I did the first one. Read more

I understand perfectly fine. Basing one successful game as a model for the future of independent game development in an environment where the norm is failure is a little premature, in my opinion. Do major publishers treat independent game studios like shit? Yeah. So what? Doesn’t excuse them making bad deals with Read more

You’re singling out specific out of context sentences. It doesn’t matter. I will ask, at what point do you think a company should be responsible for raising their own capital without resorting to the consumer directly? Would you invest in POE11? Is the model sustainable? Read more

The amount of elitism on this website boggles my godamned mind. Read more

Rouge... Park... Rangers. Giggle. Read more

We have reached a point where the far-left progressives are starting to talk like gun-nut militia members. Read more

I guess it really is something that needs to be judged on a case-by-case basis. It sounds like a slippery slope to me, but I definitely see your point, and agree to an extent. Read more

You may be on to something. He really was a Hillary plant all along! Read more

Has there ever been an incoming president who has sparked this amount of protest? Read more

If you get taken out as D.Va by Lucio, you deserve to be ejected into space. Read more

At what point should a company be responsible for funding their own games? Should POE11 be eligible for a crowdfunding campaign? That’s my point. Long term, I don’t think this is a viable business model and we shouldn’t be encouraging other companies to mimic it. Read more

So is this a trend you’d like to see grow larger? Would you give GM money to help build a new model of car? Would you give MsDonalds money to develop a new sandwich? Should the burden of raising capital be shifted to the consumer? I am not trying to say that funding POE2 is a bad thing specifically, but it points Read more

Crowdfunding is not equal to purchasing publicly traded stocks. Read more

We are talking about two different things. Read more

From Obsidian, yes. They are one company. And for every POE there are a dozen Mighty Number 9's. I don’t think socialist capitalism is going to prove to be good for customers in the long run.  Read more

If the trash stocks outweighed the legitimate ones by an increasingly larger number, yes people WOULD stop investing. Read more