Jan 7 2016

i can’t emphasize this enough: if you care about women’s health and autonomy, vote for the demcrat, whoever that may be. EVEN IF the candidate fails to inspire passion. EVEN IF the candidate’s husband is a womanizer (or even a sexual assaulter). EVEN IF you’re sick of the sleazy stories. Read more

Jan 7 2016

i’m annoyed with this. not really that they endorsed HRC- but they endorsed anyone in the primary. why bother? both bernie and HRC will be good for planned parenthood. why not wait until the general election and endorse the dem and we can all get behind it? this is just pissing off donors and causing infighting

Nov 24 2015

I was about to say, “ooh, I love hiking. I should move there!” Hiking in the midwestern winter is difficult, to say the least. But if it’s all about fashion and looking perfect while hiking, then I’ll pass. Hiking to me is like nature meditation.

Nov 16 2015

It can both be true that Caitlyn Jenner is not deserving of the Woman of the Year, and that this guy is an asshole for calling her a man.

Nov 5 2015

Holy shit, this is some of the most ignorant crap I’ve read in a while. You can disagree with Bernie or any other candidate all you want, but please realize that these kinds of comments make it clear that you’re completely out of touch.

Nov 5 2015

That’s a pile of hot, steaming bullshit that you just spouted right there.

Oct 14 2015

I am sorry, she made 53 million dollars last year. Cry me a fucking river. I know its shitty that she is getting paid less then her male co-stars, but $53,000,000? Fuck them apples.

Oct 11 2015

Yes!! I loved this show so bad and wished they would've gone just one more season! The family had such good chemistry together, I just wanted to join their dysfunction and be friends with Charmaine.

Oct 11 2015

I’m just gonna take this opportunity to remind everyone to watch “United States of Tara.” So, so good. So much excellent Brie Larson-ing.

Aug 27 2015

Wait, what, is that woman - white? If so, that explains why her azz wasn’t shot at once she exited the vehicle.