3/11/21 3:25PM

Do “traditional” Republicans even exist? I don’t even know what that means anymore. Republicans who still hate the poor, POC and women, but don’t talk about it except when voting against them? I mean, I hate to say it, but Trump did the country a favor by exposing the entire party as what they truly are.

12/29/20 2:53PM

Hard agree. The movie should have just established Barbara and Diana being already friends for awhile. Then you just amend the dinner scene and insert some subtext of jealousy (maybe a dude hits on Diana and ignores Barbara at the very least) and your off to the races. Hell use some of that bloated runtime to flashback Read more

12/29/20 2:02PM

This whole premise rests upon the idea that Barbra and Diana are actually friends. Diana’s a trash friend because she doesn’t notice, etc etc. The idea being that a true friend would know/notice. Read more

12/12/20 10:42AM

Is this how you think adults act? Making nonsense points and then dismissing replies and saying “talk to the hand”? Read more

12/12/20 4:49AM

It was a virus created to kill cancer rather than a vaccine. Which is right up there with movie plotlines that drop kick my already tenuous suspension of disbelief from the beginning. But I’m sure it’s the same FDA that approved the beauty cream in Catwoman.

12/11/20 3:14PM

I think both of you are really being unfair in this situation. FKA Twigs starred with Shia in the movie about this abusive childhood and alcoholism. She probably thought he has overcome his demons and was involved in this very intense movie. I’m sure they bonded very quickly and deeply than normal while making the film

12/11/20 11:09AM

You must have missed the part in the article where it says that the term was used in the 19th century, not now. The author never said that this was  a term used today: “Nineteenth-century descriptions often call this room “mother’s,” even though father slept there too.”

12/11/20 10:04AM

The quote in question pretty clearly states that this is a nineteenth century phenomena. I had never heard of it before, but I live and work in the 21st century, not the 19th. How many nineteenth century real estate agents did you ask about this? Read more

12/11/20 9:43AM

Why is it confusing that different people will have different sleep preferences? 

12/11/20 9:40AM

Look I had the same feeling of this being the medical version of “my black friend” but an army of white guys would have been met with craziness too. Read more

12/11/20 7:06AM

The amount hate that Dr. Fauci gets is baffling. Such a likeable guy. And apparently not just for show; his recognition of the truly horrific history behind skepticism of healthcare from African-Americans doesn’t really earn him much (other than respect of course); it may even cause more backstage tension with the Read more

12/10/20 2:12PM

Literally from the source I cited just below written by a professor of architectural history at Northeastern University and author of multiple books about the history of American homes.   

9/10/20 11:50AM

I was done with Woke, after ep 3, when (spoiler alert...well not so much for black folk, especially sisters) Keef’s black GF gets pissed because he doesn’t call her for two days and when she shows up to kick him to the curb, he doesn’t help by saying that she wouldn’t have understood what he was going through after Read more

9/02/20 7:20PM

I said what I said. All of you guys need to step back and think about why you skipped past everything else he said and decided to come here to write this and die on this hill? Shifting focus is a strategy of discourse manipulation that I see far too much on this site. Read more

9/02/20 4:11PM

As always, when people bring up John Boyega, I think about how he blew me away in Attack the Block.  The industry is fucking dumb if it doesn’t listen to him.

9/02/20 3:03PM

As a Non-Black WoC.... Please spend your energy elsewhere. He doesn’t need to be specific or accurate. He’s clearly talking about the experience with anti-Black racism which is worse than what all others experienced.