Sep 11 2017

I like this comment because it made me think of the prairies of the Great Plains. Grass as tall as people in some places, rich topsoil built up over thousands of years, and endemic species once common, all of which essentially disappeared without a trace with manifest destiny.

Aug 23 2017

“Catherine’s nine-year-old son was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder a year ago.”

Ouch. Hopefully Catherine doesn’t turn into the mom from We Need To Talk About Kevin, because ODD (besides being wonderfully acronymed) is basically psych-speak for what my grandmother called “a bad seed” back in the day.

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Aug 10 2017

I trained for years at a deep web monastery with super awesome hacker ninjas. It’s cool, I wouldn’t expect someone who’s not an insufferable nerd like me to understand.

Aug 10 2017

HamNo, I’ve been following Bitcoin almost since its initial release. I remember the days when it could be used to purchase about 20 different worthless things on random enthusiast sites on the Internet; when it was worth about $2 per coin. I kick myself every day for not mining it when I had the chance—if I had, I’d Read more

Aug 1 2017

What are you talking about? He’s getting help for it now which means he can help it. Millions of people manage to get help for mental illness before it incapacitates them. I’m not sure that implying that his mental breakdown was as unexpected as, say, being hit by a car is fair to those millions.

Aug 1 2017

Dietrich in The Lady is Willing pre- and post- broken ankle; stylish in every way.

Mar 6 2017

Instead of a fruit basket, they sent the Deadpool team a few minutes of run time to do with what they would.