Shady Jenkins
Dec 18

Making it for so many platforms was silly. They should’ve made it FOR last-gen consoles first and allowed for visual upscaling later. It would’ve been so much better of a launch.

Dec 18

CDPR! You were the chosen one! You were supposed to bring balance to AAA game development, not become just like everyone else!”

Dec 16

Didn’t Pelosi say that if she was elected Speaker in 2018 she would step aside in 2020 to let someone younger have the position? 

Dec 11

So Alito and Thomas would have heard the case, but not done anything to stop the certifications/Electoral College votes from moving forward?

Dec 5

putting aside how weirdly turbo angry you are about a guy not enthused about cyberpunk, it is weird to say twitch isn’t ‘tangentially related to video games’ because it is literally a huge space for games, and a way people experience or interact with games, share games, talk about games, it is a space that developers Read more

Sep 1

Pretty sure they've started all characters are free.

Aug 22

cyberpunk was announced approximately 28 years ago and everyone still cums whenever some new info trickles out about it

Aug 22

I always liked the bit in Batman Beyond where someone was trying to mess with Bruce’s head, and made the mistake of calling him “Bruce.” Then Terry comes and asks him how he knew it wasn’t real. “Because that’s not what I call myself.” Read more

Aug 12

It’s actually a pretty successful way to run a cult. Creating completely bizarre beliefs is way that cult members can quickly distinguish between members of the in-group and out-group and reinforce their feelings of moral superiority (knowing the “truth”), thus reinforcing the cult reality tunnel. The cult leader(s) Read more

Aug 11

I’ve been trying to move out of the US since March, but the US is a fucking Covid shit show and I've been stuck here.

Aug 11

The degree to which Trump has been flailing around recently with his covid-19 responses is an excellent indication of how bad their internal polling must be. They have no idea what to do beyond throwing spaghetti at every wall.

Aug 11

It might, for sure, but I really do think that the GOP is scared right now. If all they’re hitting Kamala with is “radical leftist”—the same thing they’re hitting Joe with—I think they’re looking a little weak. Read more

Aug 11

I’m glad they have the support from management to make this move (presumably it is best for the game), because this seems like it’s nothing but a negative blow for Series X as a whole. They have no marquee launch title now - they shift from making Sony’s launch lineup look like it was lacking a big item, to giving Read more

Aug 11

My theory is that this game doesn’t actually exist in any meaningful form as yet and it wasn’t even close to being finished. 

Aug 3

The Ant-Man DLC for Lego Marvel’s Avengers was a PS4 timed exclusive. Even after the timed exclusivity ended, it only got released on PC several weeks late, and never came to Xbox. Read more