Shady Jenkins
1:20 PM

“This, after Harry lost his own mother, who had to deal with similar treatment and ended up losing her life—and this was without the added element of virulent racism.” Read more

12:43 AM

Why does it take having someone about to leave for us to get an article like this. This is the kind of shizz we need every freaking day.

6:37 AM

Congratulations, the crooked idiot you elected as president just committed an act of war.

1:16 PM

It was explained to me once by a very hung over CCD teacher this way, which has stuck with me: “God loves us, but he didn’t get us. So he became us in the hopes of understanding us and giving us a fresh start. He lived only 30 years, and we’ve more or less squandered the fresh start. Still, God’s patient and probably Read more

6:01 PM

Maybe when we’re done eating the rich, we can MEAT the press who let this shit slide 😉

7:29 PM

Ah yes. The first thing you get after you graduate police academy is your ability to supernaturally smell marijuana in minorities’ vehicles. Then you get the gun to threaten them with and the badge that ties you to the union and the justice system that makes you untouchable. If you’re ambitious, you get your white Read more

6:05 PM

i’m with you on the Warren train. but i’m glad that Yang is still around. like Inslee, one-issue candidates are important to have on the stage, because they will keep that narrative going and make the other candidates form a position on the issue. i don’t think Yang is wrong in his prognostication, i work in tech and Read more

5:57 PM

I mean, it’s a valid problem and one that has to be solved, but Automation solutions like UBI seems like a next half century existential issue. It seems like it’s 4th or 5th on the list of things we absolutely have to solve to avoid the dystopian hellscape we all feel coming.

10:26 PM

Well... that’s the show of the year for me. What a beautiful ending and, after the brilliance of The Leftovers, I truly can’t wait to see what Lindelof does next. Say what you want about Lost, but he has been knocking it out of the park with his HBO shows.

1:04 PM

Half a lifetime ago? Cenk said some of this shit 5 years ago. Just because he endorsed Bernie and Bernie endorsed him doesn’t make him a GOOD candidate. Especially to take over a seat vacated by Katie Hill. It’s shameful.

9:56 PM

With that picture and video link I was expecting more than one Freddie Gibbs track. Crime Pays is a decent song but certainly not the ONE song I’d put forth for a playlist.

10:09 AM

At this point, Jason Derulo has said all that he needs to say about his dick. Read more

5:37 PM

Lots of us have been there. Working two jobs just to afford rent in an expensive city. Keep your head up Sundar, you’ll get there one day if you just never stop believing in yourself.