I’m always stunned people buy the cheapest tires if they don’t absolutely have to do it. Literally everything you do in a car that involves acceleration, declaration, turning, and stopping ultimately comes down to the quality of 4 patches of rubber about 1' square each.  

That’s just picking nits. The fundamental point remains even if the scales are different. Make something new with a new brand. You shuck the HD stigma of either “that’s not what HD does” from the one side to “I hate HD” from the other. Then just reap the profits. I threw out a couple of quick, off my head examples, Read more

Because your post’s content is WAYYYYY more boring than you find drow. White people bitching about things changing and concluding with essentially ‘whatevs! I’m over it’ is the most Basic Bitch thing anyone can imagine. Read more

Factor in the increased lifetime tax receipts (again, on average) and the government would still break even if not make more. Paying servicers could easily be handled by charting educational institutions for the administrative costs of handing the loans that allow them to keep functioning. Read more

How about cancel all interest accumulated and make the interest rate 0% moving forward? The American public shouldn’t be guaranteed a return on investment from a subset of citizens in addition to the increased taxes (on average) that subset pays. Student loan borrowers pay back what they borrowed from the American Read more

100% correct - the opening was interesting! Then the whole rest of the movie is a case study in poor story choices. So many minor mistakes that could have been rectified with a little bit of thought. It’s like Snyder has the worst story telling instincts in the business. Read more

Kinda, but my accident. My parents never had enough money to not buy used and often exceedingly warn cars. I spent a LOT of my youth helping my dad fix whatever got broken that week. As a defense mechanism, I started researching the shit out of cars. I read anything and everything I could about which car was Read more

It might make more money per unit but nobody can really say if it will make more money. Anybody who ever once looked at the phrase “business school” should want to make $1 profit on 10,000 units instead of $50 profit on 100 units. Read more

There’s no way I won’t watch this secretly praying Garson will launch into playing Mozzie from White Collar instead.

It isn’t an assumption. It’s the measured fact.  You can see that by the below average unemployment rate from roughly last half of 2015 - 2019 combined with next to no wage increases.  The 24 straight quarters of 4% or lower unemployment but no wage increases?  That’s wage pressure by any definition.   Read more

Not according to economics there isn’t. Inflation is up because wage pressures are up. Just see how many Taco Bells, Lowe’s, McDonalds, etc that are advertising higher wages because they can’t find anyone. This is latent wage pressure that would have happened irrespective of any money supply increases. Combine that Read more

Well, technically, we can’t. It works because we know the time it takes to get from a known spot on the planet, then we calculate how long it takes to get to you compared to that known spot and do the math. Read more

Well the 500X is probably worth less than an oil change, so....

You need to hang out with better drivers then. I know lots of people that are on 250,000+ miles without a bump or a scratch. Hell, I’ve had exactly one “accident” in my life (which was me getting hit while sitting still at a stoplight), and I’ve driven WAY WAY over 250,000 miles in my lifetime.  

This isn’t a money supply problem. Average weekly earnings are higher 2nd quarter 2021 than any quarter in 2019 and all but the 2nd quarter of 2020. Even adjusting for inflation (which is still minor through June 2021), it’s on an increased slope except for that COVID thing everyone likes to pretend doesn’t matter. Fur Read more

Just reporting what I hear in my <40% vaccination rate state... the assumption seems to be the only possible outcomes from COVID are the false dichotomy of “sniffles” or “death”. This leads to a bluster/morbidity response, as in “I ain’t afraid of a little sniffles” or “if it’s your time to go, ain’t nothin’ you can Read more

Dealer install options aren’t necessary for the car to function though.

Yep.  Put that plan into place and Ford is off my next vehicle list.  

Don’t call it a comeback!  It’s been there for years.

Shit, I’d be all for giving a tax break to millionaires with the money if that’d get it through the Republicans. This is too important to be kicked down the road longer. Enough damage and suffering has already happened.  End this nonsense already.