Feb 15

To all of both AniTay writters and readers.- You all are cool! I am actually happy to see more authors willing to put more time and effort on this project and see different points of view in different stuff. Also a huge thanks to all on discord on your support whenever I had any problem! Read more

Sep 18

As far as I know in Japan it will be (besides Tv) Via Netflix, but other than that, no other info has been revealed.

Jul 24

Agreed. I mean the classic series has aged, and is failing the test of time, still its an even better tale than what it has been show so far. Still will keep watching (Since I will put my thoughts on it on an article :p )

Jul 23

I have heard from some gym bros the phrase :” No matter how much you ran, you will never beat the fork” which, yeah, it pretty much encapsulate what you said. Its not so much how frequent you eat, but how much. Especially if you aim to lose weight.

May 7 2019

Dil, when I said back in your original goodbye, that you were one of the best. I mean it, and even today I back up such notion, your articles are some of the best on AniTay and personally I think ou are an amazing human being that is trying to do his best and to get anything better. Read more

May 2 2019

Its a verb! xD Gonna change it now. Thanks for the heads up!

Mar 10 2019

It seems it will be seen by Hulu on April 9, but I´m not actually sure.

Feb 14 2019

Ok... Let´s start.
ProtonStorm: Youa re a good admin, and one can see that you are doing an honest effort to make the things better around here. Read more

Jan 13 2019

It´s extremely good! So Amazon will be a small sacrifice for something amazing!