Oct 26 2017

old muscle cars from the ‘90s

Oct 26 2017

Train to Busan was waaay more goofy than scary, I’d say.

Oct 5 2017

later that day...

Oct 2 2017

This is a totally valid point. He really could just park the thing on his lawn. I think the HOA would still give him shit, but he’d be in a stronger position to defend himself. Perhaps literally.

Sep 26 2017

Lexus’ Predator face

Sep 25 2017

The bar does not seem to be on the roof of the airplane, but the plane itself will fly above all roofs.” Read more

Sep 25 2017

Sure looks like this guy spent a lot of time and effort to make it intentionally look like he didn’t spend a lot of time and effort on it...

Sep 20 2017

Not going to lie, the small overlap is my favorite test. It’s always insane to watch and it’s fun to compare models that compete in the same segment. Read more

Sep 19 2017

Oh look! We found the cop!

Sep 18 2017

So what. Land use regulations exist for legitimate reasons. I can’t open a restaurant, or herd cattle, or mine for coal, or build an apartment building, or dump oil, or keep a junkyard, or put up a billboard “on my own property.”

Sep 18 2017

Sulfuric acid in the batteries. Hydraulic fluid in the shocks and struts. Paints, adhesives, and sealants all over the body. Refrigerant in the AC unit. Residual fuel in the tank and fuel systems components. Toxic gas in the brake accumulators. Compressed gas in the air bag systems. Propellant in the seat belt Read more

Sep 13 2017

I would buy a new BMW tomorrow if it looked and had the dimensions of the E39. Full stop. That was the most perfect design they’ve ever had, and Bangle had nothing to do with it. Bring it back, even pitch it as retro if they have do, and they can take all my money.

Sep 13 2017

Bangle still ruined BWM for me. I loved them in the 90's and as a kid. His stuff turned me off somehow, I find it so terrible.

Sep 13 2017

Actually, it’s Porker. At least according to about 75% of the comments on the last few videos I watched.
Read more

Sep 13 2017

That’s what happens when someone forgets to lock the dieselgate.

Sep 10 2017

Meanwhile, across the street, the BMW folks are hopeful that they’ll be able to squeeze in a second car.

Aug 25 2017

Haha...driving expierence really only helps with cars. Hell I dropped my first bike once cause i was excited to see my gf and dog back home early forgot the stupid kickstand until a split second too late. I’ve seen new, older, riders drop bikes in showrooms (despite the signs saying not to sit on them), at stop Read more

Aug 15 2017

This is nuts - and not in a good way. I hope there’s some sort of user flow that involves the steering wheel controls, because no way would I be dicking around with that while driving.