Dec 31 2014
Who's your fave?

On Show (SPN, for those who don't subscribe to our fandom's naming policies—what other shows call themselves Show?),

Nov 27 2014
Shake your groove thang

Does your show have a soundtrack? I've noticed that procedurals still love to use slowed down renditions of 80s

Nov 27 2014
LIttlest Winter Soldier

I can be proven wrong on this, but this child of a friend is probably the cutest little Winter Soldier out there.

Oct 24 2014
Font individuality

I'm assuming we're a far ways away from putting emojis into business documents, and I do judge emoticons in any

Oct 21 2014
Deviant Art Group Recs

Man, there's no telling what a given group will give you on dA. And the group management is for shit, too. I can

Oct 5 2014

Me, I have two goals. GET A FUCKING JOB (seriously—if you have any Business Systems Analysis or Tech PM leads in the