Nov 6 2017
Is this real?

It’s always near my house. Despite faded paint, and being a discontinued model, it still has a laptop on the

Nov 5 2017
Everyone ready for winter?

Winter set installed. Just found out I herniated my L4-L5 (and I’m in my f***ing 20's), and my ski season’s a bust,

Oct 14 2017
New clutch, new car

I’ve owned 4 cars with manual transmissions, yet have avoided clutch replacements until now. I knew I needed to do

Jul 18 2017
Has anyone seen this yet?

Sorry if I’m late to the game on this one...I saw the aftermath video before anything and thought it was possibly a

Jul 17 2017
Good deal or nah?

I got a new job and I’ll be commuting a lot more. The S4 is great, but I’m worried about having a stick in traffic.

Jul 6 2017
New Knob Before & After

Had to get some transmission work done, and figured I’d get this done as well. Kinda pricy, but given how much time