Monday 1:31PM

He looks like an Ewok with Boris Johnson’s hair. (Sorry to all the Brits about the extending of the lockdown that was just announced)

6/07/21 4:45PM

FFS. Yeah, the apology is solid, but it’s one her parents should be making. No one becomes a debutante by just rolling up to some organization and signing up. These girls are nominated by their parents to be “presented to society” at specific events. For which there are often months of rehearsals and dance lessons. Read more

6/05/21 9:51PM

Awesome that the vet does house calls, but how’s he going to do X-rays in your home?

6/02/21 3:57PM

You want an even more impressive story about “teen girl shoves bear”....hats off to Paxton Smith, who ditched her pre-approved valedictorian speech on Saturday to instead give a speech decrying the new anti-abortion laws in Texas. I’m actually amazed she wasn’t forcibly hauled off stage by her teachers.
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5/29/21 5:12PM

I’m guessing that Meghan and Harry, being in the US, have probably gotten both their shots already? Surprised the press haven’t had a field day with that.... “The Megxit duo are vaccine tourists, thumbing their nose at the British public!

5/28/21 3:50PM

Don’t forget what some folks do if you tell them to put their dog on a leash.  “Help, police, I’m being assaulted!!!”

5/28/21 3:12PM

“I could absolutely get behind a stern-jawed science fiction Action Daddy. Different thing entirely.” Read more

5/22/21 6:53PM

Not sure how to describe since not a contractor but, it’s a split level wooden deck with the top part aluminum roofed and screened in and the bottom part not (wading pool would be used on bottom part). Both parts are about 10' x 20'. Both parts have 2" x 10" joists every 1-2 feet I think (can’t see them since they’re Read more

5/22/21 6:20PM

Question for any carpenters/contractors/science nerds. It’s starting to get sweltering in my area and I’m thinking of buying a small inflatable kiddie pool. For me. I don’t have kids. I’d like to put it on my deck. A quick google of “inflatable pool on wooden deck” leads to a bunch of warnings about weight limits and Read more

5/20/21 10:43PM

Don’t forget facetuning. No photo gets posted unless they’ve eliminated any “flaws”.
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5/20/21 2:26PM

What I don’t get is that the UK is JUST getting around to vaccinating the heir to the heir to the throne? This guy’s “job” is fairly public-facing. I mean, yeah, having him jump the line too egregiously would have been a notable slap in the face to the public,’s May 20. In the US, teenagers are getting Read more

5/19/21 3:01PM

I also recall Carmen Electra had some stories about him being very demanding and controlling of her behavior. I was chalking that up to him being “eccentric”, but that generous label and benefit of the doubt is what we give to rich and talented people.

5/18/21 4:27PM

Reminds me of that Ryan Reynolds movie, Deadpool.  Where he’s stuck in a container with his oxygen cycled on and off.

5/17/21 3:51PM

Yeah....I voted for Hillary but looking back, her presidency would have been an abject failure because the GOP would have stymied her at every turn and she was so virulently hated by so many people. BUT, had she been elected, we would not be dealing with a 6-3 Supreme Court (not to mention all the lower courts packed Read more

5/15/21 1:23PM

“At issue is Martínez’s autobiography Chaos Monkeys, which chronicles his journey from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.” Read more

5/14/21 2:26PM

That was actually the inspiration for my comment.  Still makes me giggle.

5/13/21 8:34PM

“Whedon’s current issues stem from his recent wedding to Canadian artist Heather Horton” Read more