Sean R.

Just another victim of hipsterization. Read more

This is a very good tip for making easy cold brew :) Read more

Just put coffee grounds and water in a french press the evening before and let it sit at room temperature overnight. When its ready just push the plunger down an inch or so (not all the way) and strain it out Read more

I was taught how to make stove top espresso by my late Cuban mother-in-law. She would put the sugar in the upper portion of the percolator before putting it on the stove. She stressed it was essential to the process. Of course, her espresso was more like coffee syrup - sweet delicious coffee syrup. Read more

thanks for improving the outlook of my week, y’all Read more

After reading this, I think I can now excel at Word. Read more

If you couldn’t answer that question before this article, there’s literally no point in asking it here. Read more

I think the reference design for the processor didn’t require a heat sink.
Cost is probably the main factor. Read more

I’m just gonna mention that Wartortle has been my favorite Pokemon for years, even though its design is 1000% ridiculous.

Well, Yellow makes you take Pikachu no matter what, so it’s not really a choice! We’ll cover that a little later though. Read more

How many times do people need to be told that the inherent implication behind black lives matter IS all lives matter?!?! Read more

Even if the population of intelligent people was greater it wouldn't mean that the world would be a better place. An intelligent person isn't more inclined to be altruistic. There are plenty of intelligent people who are petty and biased little turds out to get what they want at the expense of others. Read more