Sean Hollister
Sep 17 2015

Got the last Kid’s Edition 6” for our 8 year old.. Big, albeit inexpensive mistake. Terribly limited app experience, big difficulties cutting it loose from the Freetime experience (basically once you’ve created your family in Amazon’s systems, kids will always be kids on the device and it’s not at all intuitive how to Read more

Sep 11 2015

This doesn’t make “bullets” non-lethal, it makes a single bullet non lethal, it’s only good for one shot, while the gun it’s attached to can still hold multiple lethal rounds after the first shot is fired. And we know from recent history that cops rarely fire just one round from their hair trigger weapons when Read more

Dec 18 2014

I am an avid Nerf fan, and I must say this is an excellent write up. Wonderful recommendations and reasoning. I don't agree with all your selections, but your reasoning is sound and great advice for anyone Christmas shopping.