scrEaMing mANgo
Mar 8 2016
WiP for Patronage

I am really fond of this one. Done when Avenger:Age of Ultron premiered at a local cinema. Although the original

Mar 7 2016
Campy Tv Show Villainess

I could have sworn this gig is really weird. First of all, I thought I was drawing something that goes along the

Feb 20 2016
Thinking of Inking

Been away for so long, I hardly know my way around io9. Or Observation Deck, for that matter. Truth is, it has been

Jan 26 2015

Most of the stuff I read are way over my head. Or maybe, I was daydreaming about space travel, and all the Sci-Fi

May 4 2014
Hannibal S02E10

They may have moved some stuff around a bit, but strangely, I can findmy way around. The Verger siblings will have

Mar 2 2014
App-solutely Piss-Poor

Translation: A mobile app that tells you when to take a piss while watching a movie at your local cineplex.

Jan 12 2014

I didn't expect it to be this good. Although, you can't account for my tastes, but damn, this is way better. Seen

Jul 30 2013

I recently saw Oblivion. It was beautiful, sprawling and fascinating. At least to me. You see, and I think, most