Apr 25 2019

I really feel like all Harry has to do is go on camera with the BBC and say “The media is the reason my mother died when I was 12, and the reason my child will not have her in their life. I’m sure you all will understand my desire for privacy.” Read more

Nov 7 2018

Yes. Also, child support needs to be paid from the date of conception. 

Nov 5 2018

Everyone at the game knew what he was doing the second he reached under that pad and they fucking loved it. It was a fun bit of fan service and the entire fox broadcast crew can be sewn together in a human centipede ouroboros and eat shit forever for all I care. 

Mar 25 2018

I missed the end of the game. At the final buzzer did Grayson Allen shriek and transform into a flock of blackbirds?

Mar 25 2018

Even the master sometimes craps the bed. Whole lot more times he didn’t get caught. (edit: nevermind was thinking of his brother).

Feb 23 2018

Man that is messed up, and right after he shoots Richie Incognito, I really think we need to take his guns away from him.

Dec 30 2016

Iain Glen, who plays Ser Jorah Mormont, explained although the seasons are making less episodes,