Scott Harris
May 6 2013

Guess I'll have to be convincing my employer to spend more money on supplies to spite my efforts to get on "full-time" with benefits...

Apr 16 2013

Now if only the persistent astrid reminders would work with LockerPro!

Mar 21 2013

Doesn't allow me to store my longer notes that I have in simplenote. Copied and pasted them and they were cut off at the end.

Mar 17 2013

I prefer the interface of Old Reader but it's slow and I can't for the life of me figure out how to manage folders or see subscriptions in the left hand I imported that weren't in folders. Just too lacking in features right now to be used over feedly.

Mar 13 2013

OneNote for Office 2010 is terrible. The UI is terrible. The organization of the product is terrible. The usability of the product is terrible. The fact there is no web app is terrible. The android app is terrible. No extensions to speak of any worth to speak of in Chrome is terrible. OneNote costs money, Evernote and Read more