Oct 26 2017

I realize this is effectively a dead question, but I’m throwing in my two cents. I’m an only child. My husband has one older sister, so neither of us come from big families. We have two kids (and I’m not going to lie, now that I’m in my late 30's and my youngest is within two years of starting kindergarten I have Read more

Oct 6 2016

His example isn’t true, unless you consider a token which provides a one-time-password as in the same realm as “something you know”, which it isn’t, a token is a “something you have”. A token providing a OTP, is the same thing as an app on your phone providing a OTP, but this guy is making the distinction by saying Read more

Aug 8 2016

This is how you solve that damn puzzle... done and done.

Jul 19 2016

a) It’s just history. If you think it’s political, that’s just you reading into it, maybe because you see a frightening parallel somewhere. But they drew no comparisons. Read more

Jul 6 2016

So...snapchat will come and go before I even bother to try it...
This is what “old” feels like.

Jun 29 2016

I took a 6 year rest between sets once and I gotta say. The gains were tremendous.

Jun 28 2016

I would recommend scanning using an Epson v600 or v800 scanner. They can 4 slides or 12 slides in a batch respectively. It makes the scanning process much easier as you don’t need manually scan file it will scan and them into individual files. Read more

Jun 21 2016

Push-ups! For all of us lazies, who can’t (won’t) get to the gym and don’t have exercise equipment, a regular regimen of push-ups will do a lot for all sexes, body-types. Start with modified push-ups if can’t do a regular one, and just keep doing them most days of the week, and keep adding more reps when you can.

Jun 14 2016

pretty sure I’ve seen something similar to this on video, but it involved multiple male ‘frogs’

Jun 14 2016

I dont know what you mean. Sony has PS VR for their system, Xbone will use Occulus. PC has Vive and Occulus, but PC is also a lot more open, so you can basically play the same games on both or will soon be able to. If you are on console, your choice is down to one per system. On PC, your choice is down to 2, hardly a Read more

May 14 2016

Not only is this guy annoying, I think he’s pretty dumb to be telling people to just get a sharp blade and go at it. He doesn’t mention using a pusher/guide, using a cutproof glove, hell, he doesn’t even mention how quickly you can slice the piece you’ve got in your hand so that your fingers are low enough to contact Read more