Chip, in search of dip
Nov 8 2015

The very end seemed to be less Jihadis and more rebellious youth in general. People who want to bring down the system, any system, because they see it as corrupt simply by merit of having power but not giving them the life they want. All that whining about how it wasn’t fair because blah, blah, blah. Heard more than a Read more

Sep 2 2015

This isn’t new. Especially in Japan, it’s been a thing for forever. Some people even get like, nail piercings.

Jun 13 2015

When my very clean cut (white collar) husband went to get his tattoo the artist said ‘no’ to the design he brought in and said something about how ‘newbies’ never know what the fuck they want and he didn’t want to deal with an irate yuppie. Read more

Jun 11 2015

Often people who have had abusive or authoritarian parents seek out relationships that perpetuate that pattern. It’s the only familiar relationship dynamic they understand. People stick with what they know. Read more

Jun 11 2015

“I’m just being real” “I’m a brutally honest person” “I just like to tell it like it is.” Nope you’re just an asshole who can’t keep nasty thoughts to yourself.

Jun 11 2015

I draw a distinction between that kind of tactlessness and nosiness. I’ve been accused of being nosy, but I’m the polar opposite of the “just sayin” crowd. As a matter of fact, I do not understand that mindset. Why, do people have to tell someone they’re fat? Because they're “keeping it real” they are just “being Read more

Jun 11 2015

Starred for “leaky dick,” and also our screen names are meant to be.

Jun 10 2015

Tattoo artists are not in the service industry. I (a bartender and server) am in the service industry. Tattoo artists are artists. It’s right there in the title.

And like (m)any lucky artists They work as individuals on commission to create artwork. Which is why some have years long wait lists and can choose to work Read more

Jun 9 2015

I’ve been refused tattoos in the past, and I’m a man. I also had many, many visible tattoos at the time. It all comes down to the artist’s discretion, and if they don;t feel comfortable doing a tattoo then they’re simply not going to do it. Don’t take it personally. You move on to the next parlor until you find the Read more

Jun 9 2015

I’m not going to argue with you, except to say that being polite and explaining his reasoning seems like common sense and good business to me. But like I said, I’ve run into a lot of douchebag artists that think they’re god’s gift, so I’m not surprised.

May 15 2015

I really agree with you. Politics is a dirty, dirty business. Look at what the Bush campaign did to fucking John McCain in South Carolina in the primary all those years ago (they created a smear campaign that he fathered an illegitimate black child...among other shit). And this was privileged white male on privileged Read more

Mar 17 2015

P&G isn't a parent company. It's just a company. Most* of its brands are managed at centralized offices in Cincinnati, and it's very, very common for brand managers to rotate between the brands. Like, Pantene doesn't have its own CEO who reports to the P&G CEO. Read more

Mar 7 2015

1. Most women don't care what you think about their make up. The meaning of life isn't in pleasing men.

Mar 6 2015

Just a reminder that Candice Miller is terrible. While it is disgusting that there is only one woman leading a house committee, this particular woman is bad news. She's known to be a bully, she was a Rudi Giuliani and Sarah Palin supporter, and she is just very conservative overall. As a Michigander, the only reason I Read more

Feb 25 2015

You can watch the apology below—and while it seems sincere, I can't help but wonder if Giuliana has made any attempts to extend the olive branch to Zendaya in real life (and if she is/did, if Zendaya, who seems like the bigger person here, would accept it), instead of just delivering it from the safety net of a major Read more

Feb 15 2015

If a child crying for a minute is a sign they should be left home then toddlers should just never appear in public, ever.

Feb 15 2015

I have two minds about this. One is that you are totally right — a fashion show is no place for a toddler. No one else would dare to bring a baby there. The other is, these are parents who, if they don't take their kid to work on a semi-regular basis, would never, ever see their kid. It's actually kind of nice to see Read more

Feb 12 2015

Sometimes it's not clear just how bad your relationship is until you experience something more normal. That can be a huge wake up call. Read more

Feb 12 2015

It's domestic violence dressed up as erotica. And if there's one thing this movie is not, it's erotic. One star out of five, Dicky. And that's only because of the excellent Choc-top I consoled myself with later. Read more