Dec 12

In a rational world that valued outcome as much as intent, this would be greeted as the equivalent of shouting “Heil Hitler”. I don’t care how “well intentioned” you think communism is “on paper”, it’s a genocidal weapon of mass economic and spiritual destruction. That said, there is a 99% possibility that the leftist Read more

Aug 23

Wow, a beautiful tribute to someone who DIED today. You forgot to mention the part where he provided amazing jobs for 50k+ people, and put food on the table for a good part of our country. Read more

Apr 20 2019

I mean, the schlub at the bottom used her truck for a Lowe’s run. He deserved to be fired.

Sep 11 2018

Well, I shall continue to do my usual thing of selecting the best products at the best prices. I couldn’t give a sh*t if the workers are unionized or not. 

Aug 4 2018

I live near Chicago and have never been to this arcade. Looks interesting, although I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy playing these “new” arcade games. Read more

Jun 18 2018

A) This didn’t need to be posted to the entire site.
B) From the child of immigrants - fuck illegal immigrants.

Jan 13 2018

Speaking as someone who has worked in Naval Intelligence, what she did is at the very least, dishonorable. Those of us in the military take oaths of service for a reason. If she broke that oath why should she be trusted to obey the oath she would take as a Senator? I sure as hell don’t agree with the bloated size of Read more

Nov 5 2015

You know what is awesome? Not putting a spoiler on the MAIN PAGE where it is impossible to avoid: Read more