Sep 28 2017

Don’t you dare. People got actual enjoyment out of SATC. As far as I can tell, the other show was a hate watch and everyone was awful. Though, I don’t speak from experience, as I only made it through the first few minutes of Girls, before turning it off. NO THANKS.

Sep 9 2017

Jeff sounds bootstrappy enough to swim back to shore on his own

Aug 27 2017

Her problem is, she still thinks like a rich white man.

Aug 27 2017

You’d think all the money Texas saves by banning abortions, keep transsexuals out of bathrooms, and making sure you can walk into TGIFridays with you AR-15, they would have enough money to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Aug 27 2017

Ending a streak of thin electoral margins, Harris County — the biggest battleground in ruby red Texas with a population larger than 25 other states — turned solidly blue on Tuesday with the largest presidential margin of victory in more than a decade.
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Jul 2 2017

I’m someone without a family and my irl friend pool is very small, but that doesn’t stop me from interacting and being friendly with my person’s friends he’s known since childhood. Honestly, there was a point last night where I kinda did want to skip going to the after party drinks at his friends’ house when the Read more

Jun 27 2017

Quick shout-out to Resistbot - text Resist to 50409 and it’ll help you write letters and faxes to your elected officials.