7/06/18 1:08PM

I’m not willing to give up access to free, instantaneous, essentially unlimited porn. I’m out. Good luck.

7/06/18 1:07PM

The thing is...there have been times in recent history when a party has consolidated power to the point where they could have pushed through a particular policy goal, but didn’t because they needed the issue to keep people interested. Corporatist Democrats have employed the same strategy. Read more

7/06/18 12:55PM

The response by the Tech Community to Trump’s Fascism has been appalling. WaPo, owned by AMZN founder Jeff Bezos has really lightened up on Trump and seem to be siding with him now, just like that piece of trash NYT with that Trump scamp. Maggie Haberman. What the hell happened??? Read more

7/06/18 12:49PM

Horse, I know that. You have to understand the dynamics of our dinners though. I can’t just tell him “You don’t believe in proof” when he’s literally asking me for proof. It’s antithetical to the question. It’s like someone asking about pastries and the person being asked replies “you aren’t interested in pastries.” Read more

7/06/18 12:23PM

No, you don’t get it.  My dad is the most ridiculous stickler of all time.  Even if he can say one little thing is without evidence he will claim victory and try to embarrass me.  So like I said, I get that these countries are registering like mad crazy but he’s going to say that Trump hasn’t given them anything and Read more

7/06/18 12:04PM

Ok, yeah obviously.  But I just need like one fact to come back at him with otherwise he’s going to start doing his stupid victory dance.

7/06/18 11:41AM

Wrong.  While Africa and the Middle East might be warmer during the modern era that wasn’t always the case.  You are experiencing recency bias.  

7/06/18 11:24AM

I came into the Army a few years after the Vietnam draft era (or error). For what I heard, having lots of people serving in the military who don’t want to be there is a very bad idea. 

7/06/18 10:56AM

That’s why we need to vote OUT neocons like Schumer and the rest and vote in woke socialists like that Latinx in NYC and everyone who supports Bernie.

7/06/18 10:44AM

This is an excellent piece that I will be able to use against my dad at dinner tonight. He won’t see it coming. “Trump is draining The Swamp.” That’s all he ever says. He also calls me “idiot” I guess. Read more

7/06/18 10:19AM

Unfortunately this video is ultra relevant. Trump seeks to jail or deport his entire opposition and he is doing a bang up job thus far. We must resist. We must fight back! I don’t want to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in jail. I don’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

7/06/18 9:51AM

Dave, where do you get off calling me a vegetable? My name is Timbo. Timbo MacGillicuddy. Your attempts to dehumanize me will not work. I am a very worthwhile person. Lots of people think so. You can take your tomato-shame and make some god damned spaghetti for all I care. I’m out here trying to make this world a Read more

7/06/18 9:17AM

Why is teaching and medicine more valuable to you than military service? Read more