Apr 24 2019

Malaria is very dangerous. The whole of Ghana is at risk of malaria. Malaria in Ghana accounts for 4% of the global burden and 7% of the malaria burden in West Africa. I am very must aware about it.

Jan 18 2019

Now that white kids are dying, it's an issue and not a crime. Thanks for being there.

Jan 18 2019

So, in other words, the opioid crisis, which the GOP constantly cites and talks about ending, is directly tied to Big Pharma practices and the horrible healthcare situation in this country, a problem that the GOP (and some Dems) refuses to ever fix with universal healthcare.

Cool. Cool cool cool.

Jan 18 2019

So it’s okay to arrest foreign CEO’s for allegedly by passing sanctions, but it is not okay to arrest Amurican CEO’s of gross negligence, profiteering, and creating one of the worst drug addiction issues in modern Amurican history(close second next to the CIA introducing crack to Black America), and actually causing Read more

Jan 18 2019

But Libby, if I can’t trust a for-profit company to have my best interest at heart, who can I trust? Read more