ohhh hell. I was paying off my grad school loans while in grad school. I wasn’t going to let those unsubsidized loans fester while I was in deferment. Saved me thousands, I’d imagine.  Read more

One of the things I miss about my old salon was listening to all the main line parents talk about how much debt they were in to sustain the lifestyle that surrounded them. Being $200,000 in debt for a kid’s education before they are 18 (to make matters worse: this was in one of the top public school districts not just Read more

The new freshman class. By the time they go home for Thanksgiving, freshman now have a boat load of new knowledge shared between friends and classmates about who and what and where to avoid. They now have more entrenched friends groups and are less likely to attend various parties alone, or now they go with someone Read more

Some of them they are given the exaaccct amount of time needed to do something if you do it straight through like you know exactly what you are doing and how long something needs to bake. Which considering they generally do that with the technical where everyone is going ‘how what no why’ it’s a squeak.  Read more

My ex sister in law is one of those women who needs her spouse to be functionally useless. Everyone she dated, and now her husband, is essentially a human golden retriever. Nice? Sure. Loyal? Sure. Needy dumb dumb? Absolutely. And she loves it. She writes his resumes and his cover letters when applies to jobs. She Read more

Oh also living that struggle. I’m team recognize, he’s team ask. Read more

Right? Like we all have things we’ve got to vent on. Someone did something dumb. Someone forgot something. Cool, vent away. Read more

I have always been surprised by the number of people I know who seem to actively dislike their spouse and/or children. The societal pressure was strong, so they got married to someone who seemed good at the time, bought a house, popped at 2.5 kids, and generally distracted themselves from the conveyor belt of it all Read more

Every time my boyfriend goes on about doing something and wanting to be thanked (mostly he’s just goading me for the sake of entertainment, but sometimes he’s like ‘I DID THIS THING PRAISE ME’) I send him video of a pikachu parade with the message ‘Here’s your parade’ and that knocks some sense into it. Read more

It is a damn shame that certain portions of the medical field are particularly susceptible to medical misinformation and conspiracy theories. It’s that dangerous land of knowing more than the general population, but not the next hump of knowing exactly how little you actually know about a field.  Read more

The questionable ligaments in my ankles gotta give this a big ‘no’.  Read more

I have somehow, despite my absolute clumsiness, never gotten anything particularly exciting stuck in myself. Read more

My ear also tried to eat an earring. Read more

Ughhh, I had several months long splinters imbedded in my tiny child hands and refused to let my mom deal with them so she always had to ship me off to the doctor to have them root them out. Read more

Buster also used to have very strong feelings about standing up hugging. He also used to alert the neighborhood if there was anything even vaguely close to sex happening. How dare you pay attention to something/someone else but me, I was here first, he would say. Read more

I also fall asleep in MRIs. I had one on my wrist lately that made me have to lay down kind of awkwardly. When I was done my half hour of laying on my stomach with my arm out like superman, the staff said: “most people don’t manage to stay still that long during this one” and I was like “oh, I fell asleep like three Read more

You’re assuming that the people who are bringing to go cups of alcohol on flights and then becoming monster assholes to the crews and passengers are people who actually read or comprehend signs. Read more

Like yeah, if he was randomly taking my phone and scrolling through and doing stuff without me knowing, yes, that would be a line that I wouldn’t be cool with (some people are ok with that, but we generally treat our phones as an individuals unless we’re ordering food or something). But him sarcastically making Read more

That’s why my friend won’t shop at Trader Joes. She’s afraid she’ll buy something a few times, her kids will love it and live off of it and the suddenly it won’t be there ever again. Read more