7:17 PM

I’m from Bosnia, but I’m what we call “Serbian” back home. You are what religion you’re born into, so although I am Bosnian by birth, I am Serbian because I was born in Serbian orthodox family. Read more

11:18 AM

Maybe it’s his marketing working on me, but I find Koenigsegg more believable than the monolithic Bugatti and Hennessey the braggart. I really do think that this Jesko he made can cross the magic 300.

11:36 AM

They would bearly hold up any weight. Also, they bearly sold any so they are hard to find and I couldn’t bear to see them destroyed.

9:54 PM

Because it’s fucking stupid to ban “vices.” I think we learned that during Prohibition and over the course of the “war on drugs.” 

10:40 AM

I’m curious to see how they account for other variables. Denver for example has had an explosion in population, significantly more traffic, significantly more people that are not used to winter driving, also significantly more degenerates that just came for the weed. Basically when California sends their people, they Read more

3:31 PM

It is possible to not like someone but respect the position they hold. Just because you may not be a fan of Trump, that wouldn’t make receiving a high five from POTUS any less a memorable experience.

1:50 PM

Easy. Just designate all the not ready planes as parts planes. The sooner you admit your project car isn't going to be finished, the sooner you can get rid of it on Craigslist and move on. No time wasters, I know what I've got.

1:15 PM

Not making light of your situation at all; have you considered therapy? It sounds like you’re suffering a mild form of PTSD, to be quite honest, and getting in a car every day probably never allows you to get past the anxiety. Read more

8:12 PM

Wait, what? WHAT!?!? I don’t know how many Jalopnik staffers have criminal justice degrees. While it’s true that street racing is stupid and unsafe and juvenile and a million other negative adjectives, your take on how JOURNALISTS should be the one to rat out street racers is, quite frankly, bonkers because once Read more

11:06 PM

We used to run SW:CCG tourneys at a shop I managed (before I bought it). One weekend we had a kid playing that was just being a total ass. He was super hyper, being rude to everyone and wouldn’t listen. So instead of kicking him from the event, I walked over, picked up his black border Darth Vader, folded it in half, Read more

1:13 PM

Hey! This is not Gawker. We’re not here to insult each other’s mindset or life choices, or to use the word retard. We’re only here to see cars, read about cars, and casually insulting each other’s cars, while at the same time enjoying them

8:40 PM

Why doesn’t it just randomly play the conversations of yours Alexa has already recorded? 🤔

3:55 PM

This deeply goes against modern American politics where one’s own team is the only source of truth, whatever they do and the other is evil no matter what but... Read more

9:49 PM

Most restaurants, like 90%, can’t afford to pay their employees a flat wage because their costs are already high and profit margin are already slim (think 5-8%). In addition, the cost of a meal has remain relatively stagnant while the cost of ingredients, labor and customers’ expectations have all steadily increased Read more