Dec 8 2016

Do we really need a special website to subtract 6, 7.5 or 9 hours from the time you need to wake up? I mean, it’s basic math, people.

May 7 2015

I was a big fan of this extension for a while, but have moved onto Tabs Outliner instead. It doesn’t automatically suspend tabs, but the tab management is so much better it’s worth the switch. You can X out a tab in the outline, that stays in the outline, much like Suspender, but it doesn’t take up a tab.

May 6 2015

Perfect example. I can never have a steam account again.... Therefore I can never play skyrim again even though I own the disk and code legitimately

May 5 2015

ELI5 of why people dislike DRM: You can get sued for reverse engineering it in an attempt to make it better. Needless to say a lot of DRM is as a result pathetically easy to defeat. More often than enough it’s like putting a bike lock on your bike when the combination is 1212 and can’t be changed.

May 5 2015

Funny how that works. If you buy a game, you live under the inconvenient umbrella of DRM. Those who “pirate” the same games don’t have to worry about that. Of course, they do have to worry that they might someday be caught for illegal activities. However, if I pay for a game, I should not have to work around DRM Read more

May 5 2015

Digital Rights Management is functionality that attempts to protect from piracy. This is generally in the form of online checkins performed by the game or service, some sort of verification. Steam’s version is simply logging into your steam account. A lot of people worry about DRM because it makes life a bit harder Read more

Mar 12 2015

I'm not a fan of all these themer themes.
I like NOVA and it would be more interesting to learn how to get such a theme into NOVA or any other launcher.

Mar 10 2015

Only somewhat related but if you use a 3:1:1 ratio of Worcestershire/Dijon mustard/Honey you can make a pretty bad ass steak sauce

Mar 6 2015

If you're still using it, you don't hate it. Shut the fuck up.

Feb 9 2015

I follow lifehacker closely — I save all these life hack articles, buy books on life hacks, bookmark pages — and yet I waste all this time because I never implement anything — I barely read the thousands of things I have either saved, printed, bought, etc Read more

Jan 11 2015

I seriously bust out laughing so hard at the Clooney joke. So much better than the Cosby joke, which Fey already did on Weekend Update all those years ago. But the Cosby joke was about the courage in presenting it in the first place, so I'm totally behind that, too. :)

Dec 18 2014

Welp, time to shut down YouTube. You know, just in case.