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I sucked it up and made it happen in 2011. Not in brown though, yuck - Tasman Green much better. Love it more every day. The only RWD, 6spd wagon my local dealer ever sold.

I enjoy the thought experiment of would you rather be middle class in the west today, or the Roman Emperor Tiberius. He lived to be 77 which is pretty good, and was the undisputed most powerful person in the world at the time. And he lived a lot of time in Capri, which is pretty damn nice. However, he still had to Read more

The rear may be perfect, but wait until you see the front...

I own a classic one, and I wish it was a power top. Most specifically for quick drives, it takes a minute or to for the roof off-roof on part to occur, so for like a 5 minute trip it isn’t always worth it. Also sucks if the top is dusty; it isn’t a clean process.

Funny I called you out on not watching races last year and you said something to the effect of ‘well I don’t watch now that the races are boring’. Read more

yeah your whole article is are REALLY bad take for many reasons. Read more

I think the takeaway is that the Alpine A110 is a really good drivers car. 
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Probably because he’s wrong. Read more

I don’t agree with you on this. Read more

Did you watch the race / post-race interviews? Read more

Do you hate racing?  Did you know that racing in general is inherently dangerous?  Next thing you know, the brilliant minds of Jalopknik are going to call for the end of car racing because it’s dangerous and pollutes the air we breath.  In these COVID-19 days, we must preserve all unpolluted air in order to not spread Read more

This take is patently... wrong.

Shamlessly stolen/reposted from Matthew Somerfield’s twitter.

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Pirelli should make a tire that just randomly explodes at some point. Maybe 3 laps. Maybe 30. That's about all that would spice up this season. Fun to see RBR throw away an easy W for no reason at all. 50 laps of ridiculous boredom followed by 2 of excitement does not an exciting F1 race make. And yeah, it happened Read more

I drove manuals in hours long traffic on the 405 in LA. It’s shitty, but it’s shitty in anything. It wasn’t enough to make me want to quit the clutch. Read more


Exactly. FCA customers don’t ask about manuals. The ones who would aren’t FCA customers anymore. This is why I went Subaru.
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You can pretty much stuff that much coke in the new BMWs 4 series nostrils. Read more