Jan 8

Beautiful. I was watching the M539 Resto guy on youtube playing with these and the lust for one is growing

Nov 26

I only know that using Microsoft Teams is the antithesis of productivity. That piece-of-crap program stops me from doing useful work more than anything else I know.

Jul 13

if even low-life scum like car thieves can wear a corona-virus type mask then anyone can do it

Jun 27

Any halfway-intelligent CEO should be. There are reasons why they do this with lawyers, and it’s because you need them to cover your ass from all the millions of ways that you might otherwise get it bitten. Although I’m sure that whatever gets decided at the July 1 meeting (if it happens) there will be an army of Read more

Apr 13

Convince Me I’m Wrong: Nissan and Harley Davidson are having a secret competition to see who can torpedo their company faster

Mar 10

I've expected for a while to see Mitsubishi and Toast in the same headline.

Mar 10

An important lesson for us all: if you want to do the crimes without punishment, keep doing the crimes until the cops give up.