5/16/21 7:49PM

Yup. A lot of flowers can be considered invasive so check out your state’s/area’s native plant societies for suggestions. Native plants typically need less water/care, are more hardy during summers/winters, and support the native wildlife/invertebrates.

12/05/20 2:14PM

Don’t feed the troll. Flag their comments. Every single one of them.

12/01/20 3:54PM

Good one! I also like to ask, very innocently, “I don’t get it. What do you mean?” and stare blankly. It’s especially effective if their comments have sexual innuendos.

10/08/20 6:59PM

This article (and comment section) needs more cat pix so here’s Birdie and Bogey snuggling (We’re freezing hooman! FREEZING!)

8/05/20 2:14PM

I haven’t had that problem. They can jump about 10' horizontally, but not that far straight up. 

8/04/20 10:34AM

If you want help identifying the birds visiting your feeder, I highly recommend the free app Merlin Bird ID - available for both Team Android and Apple. Very easy to use and thousands of birds in their data base (pics, songs, general info). I use it all the time to id birds on golf courses.

8/04/20 10:29AM

Have you tried a baffle on a pole feeder? Also, squirrels can jump 10' horizontally so keep that in mind when placing the feeders in the yard.

8/04/20 10:27AM

I use a baffle and it works like a charm! Here’s the model I use:

7/25/20 2:59PM

All good points. 👍 I use these for the adults at work. 😒

7/21/20 1:57PM

OMG me too! I was planning on getting real prescription reading glasses (to replace my dollar store cheaters). sad trombone 

6/19/20 11:45AM

We’ve used baffles for the last several years with great success! Plus, we keep the feeders at least 10' away from any trees, fences, houses, and anything else the squirrels can use as a launch pad. Here’s a juvenile trying to defeat a baffle LOL (Also, we use straight safflower instead of mixed seeds to attract

6/13/20 6:59PM

Good on you! It IS hard to change minds! We now require masks, gloves, temperature check (taken before every shift), work from home (except the warehouse workers), distancing, no touching, extra cleaning, etc...  Read more

4/17/20 8:57AM

And now I’m down the Sesame Street rabbit work... “researching” ;)

4/04/20 9:03AM

I’m still working (ugh essential business, essential personnel) but my gym is closed so I went old school: Richard Simmons on YouTube. Read more