May 11

David, we like you around here. With the cars you like, please drive UNDER the speed limit at all times. We don’t want to see you killed. Can your cars even go faster than the speed limit? Read more

Apr 30

Look. I like Jalopnik, and most of the authors. But none of you are pilots, as far as I can tell, and it really shows.

You know how many times I’ve seen people cross the active when they’re not supposed to, especially at municipal airports? How many times I’ve misheard ATC and been corrected by my co-pilot, or vice Read more

Apr 3

I was thinking of Canepa Design. I saw them at the first Rennsport Reunion and someone said they crash tested one to get it full legal, not S&D. However, looking it up now, it appears that was bullshit and they only passed emissions.

Apr 3

It’s not a rumor.  He was a major facilitator in the process.

Apr 2

959 was never crash tested. It came in under Show or Display which waives DOT requirements.

Mar 30

Obama was the reason why the economy was doing so well. The US economy had been steadily creating jobs at a good clip without a hiccup since 2010. That’s the hand of a steady leader who turned around the Great Recession.

Mar 30

Economy has been growing and adding jobs steadily since 2012. Trump has been surfin’ on it bigly. Who was the President in 2012, oh yeah it was that Bush guy, who thankfully took over after Bill Clinton crashed the economy in 2008 ...

Mar 24

You’re never going to make it as the CEO of a defense contractor with that kind of attitude!

Dec 23

Most of the hypercars make me feel so meh, but this car is weirdly desirable. I like that they weren't trying to give it MAX GRIP or SUPER RING TIME. 

Nov 27

I don’t agree with Clarkson hating on Greta, but I think his message is valid. Why should we sit around and argue about how we are going to die and when we are going to die, instead of focusing on how to fix these issues? Read more

Nov 27

Ya don’t have to do residency to be an engineer bro, this isn’t the medical field. Source: am engineer and never did a residency.

Oct 27

I’ll just say, Obamacare worked great where it worked. What killed it was all the red states that were willing to cut off their own noses to spite their faces. My family used Obamacare for three or four years. It gradually got worse as it was dismantled, but it was still better than the cut-rate insurance offered by Read more