Ryoma Nagare
Aug 28

One of the most traumatic things I have ever experienced/frequently re-experience is walking into Costco, into a seething wall of enormous TVs with motion interpolation turned on. I end up destroying 3 or 4 TVs every single time. I currently owe Costco $350,000. But I’m slowly working off my debt as a member of the Read more

Jan 16 2019

Bioware did have issues with frostbite. Inquisition changed considerably during development based on what they could get the engine to do. i mean bioware proper does seem to be one of the few devs who can get it to do open world stuff consistently, but they still have issues. You ever wonder why they essentially Read more

Nov 1 2018

They will not add that. why raise costs for a format that few people have or use? dvd sales are still stronger or as strong as br, so who even buys uhd br?

Nov 1 2018

some pros even use the same disk drive as the the xbox s which does play 4k. but sonys has the largest share for 4k disk plays so why would the double dip in their own market? also the only reason i did not get 1. and the only reason ill be getting a xboxs, or xbox x if i find a good deal, this holiday season.

Jul 16 2018

the Soundblaster Live! is not from 1998, he should have had an Awe64 and a Roland Midi board, he didn’t try any Glide supported titles, like the original Unreal Tournament, or LAPD2049 the 5.25" drive is not really period appropriate  either, other than that amazing build those sidewinder controllers were Read more

May 9 2018

0083: Stardust memory - nothing like nuke powered bazookas and a mobile armor with the fire power to take out entire fleets

Dec 2 2017

Lucky for you, we had 15 collaborators all with different opinions who have 15 different tastes that came up with this list of 9. I for example, don’t really see what the fuss is about with GARO, Inuyashiki or Kino’s Journey, but other people did. Meanwhile, Just Because is right up my alley, but I’m not surprised Read more

Aug 22 2017

To all you obscure iphone case designers out there, wherever you are, the answer is no. No, this does not vindicate anything. That big hole you put in the back is still stupid and counterproductive.

Jun 27 2017

thing with this cryptocurrencies, is that they are investment instrument, not actual currency, being deflationary in nature mean no one is spending them, if no one is spending them, they wont really “take off” as currency, ergo their current value is a bubble, and will pop at some point, once the market correctly Read more