8/10/20 1:57PM

Been using this combo as a secondary portable dock since January with no issues. Came in <$40 bucks too.

4/09/20 7:32AM

I have to say, the “honk” button is awesome! XD

2/12/20 10:26PM

Sometimes I see a comment on the Internet and I think to myself, “Why did this person write this comment?”

1/27/20 1:56PM

I feel the exact opposite, from my experience at the Whole Foods over here. Before Amazon, there was noticeable empty floor space where product used to be, especially in the produce section. It was like they removed half of the free-standing produce island displays. After Amazon, those islands are back, and filled Read more

1/23/20 5:04PM

That was still a thing for 4th graders in the mid-90s.

11/18/19 2:43PM

Just release it so that people can see how much worse it is than the theatrical cut and we can stop with this nonsense.

11/12/19 9:41AM

She does raise the dead to fight the Nazis though, so that’s cool

11/06/19 12:48PM

So they just created a larger Buddha Box from South Park?

10/31/19 2:08PM

Next on Evil Week: How to run a beloved community into the ground. All you need is a website, passionate readers, auto-start video ads, and a shitty mantra. Just pulling things out of the air, let’s use “Stick to Sports.”

9/27/19 11:34AM

“The sixth and final season will air in two parts. The first will premiere on October 25, with the second following on January 31 of next year. “ Read more

8/27/19 4:57PM

All I want is a bundle that combines Disney+ with no-ads Hulu! All I’ve seen is marking for the with-ads bundle -- hardest of passes.