runnersp, formerly known as t_s
Apr 24 2019

In the spirit of this dumb joke, they should have made a luxury Avenger to take market share from people who want posh Nissans. Create an Avenger-Infiniti War.

Apr 3 2019

OK, I’ll ask: what’s with the hair?

Mar 18 2019

On the rotor itself, I’m bothered exactly ZERO amount since the pads will remove it within the 1st brake press.

However, the rust on the area between wheel and the rotor irks me to no end. There’s no reason for that area to rust on a mid to high end vehicles. 

Oct 25 2018

You’re just wrong.  Bumpers are hideous and photos of them should only exist to remind us of the horrors of the past so we don’t repeat those mistakes.  You have insurance.  You don’t need bumpers.

Oct 23 2018

I’ve never heard Extrudehone mischaracterized so inaccurately as to call it “cleaning”. And that is probably the root of the power improvement doubts. Read more

Oct 21 2018

I know that Stewart had celebrities promoting films and the like on. But did he ever have racing drivers? Read more

Oct 11 2018

Railing against street racing except when doing fluff stories about street drifters and car culture that revolves around dangerous activity on public roads as well as modifications that make vehicles less safe and pollute more! ;)

Oct 11 2018

Not that I like fake shitty “Reality Shows”...nor that there isn’t a high level of giant tools in this particular portion of the car world, nor do I not think that actual street racing is bad. However... Read more

Oct 3 2018

That’s all it is honestly. Craving attention for publicity because he is putting out an album.

Sep 19 2018

Jalopnik pointing out proofreading mistakes. Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Sep 18 2018

Wow, that’s a bucket list event, for sure.

A point about the Studebakers you’ve shown: Those are Starlight coupes, not Starliners. That style of Starliner was introduced in 1953 and does not have a B pillar. The cars in your photos above have B pillars, which makes them 1954 or later Starlight coupes. Studebaker needed Read more

Sep 16 2018

Which is why I will not turn my AdBlocker off no matter how much pestering I get. When this site gets back to authors interacting with their readership and F1 articles that aren’t clickbait crap, Jalopnik may resume annoying me with poorly-algorithmed ads that take something I’ve randomly searched for once and turn it Read more

Sep 16 2018

“But how can you claim to be a series that produces the most well-rounded, competitive drivers if you’re discarding an entire category of racing?” Read more